Thursday, 1 April 2010

The Museum of Liverpool-On Time and on Budget

Yes and its April 1st. Only its us who the joke is being played on. More handouts are now being given to old Fuzzy Face at NML. They have never been able to manage what they have and they still want more. Maybe there is another developer they have to pay off. Maybe they have breached another covenant or not allowed enough slippage. Wasn't it supposed to open in 2008? pic Rome MAXXI (well they look exactly the same dont they)? Today packaged as a good will story by those Trinity "Smoking" Mirror boys is the fact that, in their words.  Or maybe its to pay off the architects.
LIVERPOOL’S newest museum will receive a £3.4m cash boost to help create four new exhibition spaces.

The £72m Museum of Liverpool, the first newly-built national museum in the country for more than a century, will use the European cash to tell the story of Liverpool ‘in the context of the wider region’.
The museum will focus on four main themes: Port City, Creative City, People’s City and Global City.

This has always been the case and its not a new story. Alistar Machray the editor of the glum little (toe)rag the Oldham Echo should learn to check his facts.
The untruths go on National Museums Liverpool director David Fleming said: “The museum already looks spectacular from the outside.

"Now we are planning to make the inside breathtaking too. “We are delighted to receive this funding which will go towards the internal fit-out.”
“There will be 8,000 square metres of public space across three floors and visitors will have access to more than 6,000 objects.

How many times can they report tthe same stuff. I am aware of the contacts in high places that Fleming has in Trinity "Smoking" Mirrors Group who are determined to do his press campaign for what price.
Councillor Flo Clucas, member of the Northwest ERDF Programme Monitoring Committee, said: “The new museum of Liverpool is architecturally striking and will be one of the region’s flagship cultural attractions.

“This investment will ensure that the museum is able to deliver a world-class visitor experience that will set it, and the Northwest, apart from our competitors.”
The money is part of a ‘pot’ of £521m to be contributed to the North West by the ERDF between 2007 and 2013. 
Is this current reporting to placate Fleming after he recntly threatened to sue Ben Schofield...again after the article he did on the 24.2.10 which added more controversy to what he sees as his career maker...and we see as Flemings Folly. He has threatened to sue Ben Schofield before, its a plan which means he gets more publicity. 
Really dont buy these disgusting local placating papers the sooner they are put out of our misery the better.

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    see what we mean...the only thing that is confusing is their April Fools jokes sound like their actual reporting.........a joke.