Friday, 30 April 2010

Louise Ellman-The Dame of Dereliction-Time to Vote Her Out.

It is hard to believe that as an MP she can still be there representing the people in Warrens war zones without doing anything to help their cause She has become oblivious to dereliction she has seen so much of it since coming to stand in the Liverpool safe seat from Skelmersdale, all those years ago. Just what happened there, why did she leave?
pic What Louise sees every time she comes home near Wapping Dock where they have built more badly designed architecture to complement the trash that is out of keeping with the historic area.
Some of the areas in her constituency can be declared as bad as 30 years after the Toxteth riots.
Clevor Trevor Jones acted as a property developer while leading the City Council. He was all over her area like a bad rash, possibly making a fortune, while his wife was chair of the planning committee. I met with Louise about the knocking down of the last ships chandlers in the city by the Jones's, and asked her numerous questions. She knows how to play the game alright, just doing the amount of work to pass the buck to someone else.  The International Garden Festival site is only just having work done on it, and its slow, after she watched for years whilst the Velodrome was dismantled from inside so they could build more houses.  Then the city builds a convention centre on Kings Dock. Its called Robbing Peter to pay Paul.
In meetings with her and found her a complete and utter waste of space. As Chair of the Transport Select Committee she is presiding over Labour plans to stop the high-speed rail link at Manchester. What about Liverpool?
Relics such as St James Church  lie there rotting, 500 yards from where she lives, if she hasn’t flipped it.

The Dame of Dereliction is oblivious to decay, this what she  can see this area from her lobby which is set back behind electric gates, so she can escape the abject poverty down the road.  While down the road less than a mile away, and this.  And then she watches while 500 yards away from her house the build this with European cash  and this goes on with World Heritage views that she does nothing to stop despite the Labour Government telling Unesco its all fine.  While this happens up the road  And Charles Clover talks about the pathfinder’s part of Warrens   War-zones  that has decimated the people of the Welsh Streets while she looks on. Ignoring the pleas of her public.  She says what legal drug, (at the time) her son deals in is nothing to do with her. Her son effectivly comes from one of the most deprived areas in the country, Toxteth.

You know what the Dame looks like she will get in again because of the pathetic turn out of her constituency, which is how she has stayed there for so long.  She abandoned the Dockers fight years ago. Picks her argument even negotiates them.  Try Correspondent for a liberal read.

 Her constituency has some of the poorest people in the country. Time to vote her out folks. We couldnt get any worse than her as some one in who becomes oblivious to decay and stands idly by while 500 yards away, from where she lives, while in Liverpool, the World Heritage Site is destroyed.

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  1. Spot on, the people of Riverside deserve better than this waste of space. VOTE GREEN !