Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Liverpools Baltic Triangle. More than a 100 Properties Rotting. Does Anybody Care.

After the recent press release from the Daily Ghost regarding the upbeat story of how wonderful it all is about the Baltic Triangle considering some properties are being renovated by a North Vested Interest Development Agency grant. ( Its a shame none of the people who work in Oldham Hall Street do not go and take a look at the place).

Well maybe it’s a start but the full reality, is this. We counted 100 properties in serious danger of crumbling, within a couple of hundred yards of each other, in the Baltic Triangle, and in serious decay.
This group of properties in Bridgewater Street are available to view from Louise Ellmans the "Dame of Dereliction" place of residence. It is my opinion she has become oblivious to the dereliction in her constituency. There are another 100 properties on the periphery of the Baltic triangle in the death throes, unless investment is made…..and it won’t be, unless people like her who are oblivious to decay take notice. I am not even to start with Berni Turner. As with this clutch the owners most are prepared to let them fall down. Why is there no one around to fight for them to be saved. The owners don’t care nor the polititions. Why?
The picture above shows the Anglican Cathedral and its proximity to abject rot. The Chairman of the council manipulated "Stop the Rot" campaign, that never stopped any rot, and was run by the Oldham Echo, was Bishop James Jones who wants to now dig up 7,000 bodies in St James Church just in point of the Baltic Triangle.
Where are the planners who rubber-stamp boring and bland blocks of flats in the same location and have no plans for good solid listed warehouses.

Where is Chris Griffiths, the dozy Buildings at Risk Officer funded by English Heretics Manchester Office. What about Glynn Marsden and Steve “Ronnie” Corbett at the Conservation(sic)office…nowhere to be seen? Hiding ducking below the parapets. Where is the Merseyside Civic Society? Where are the local press?

This block in Bridgewater Street at least part owned by Ebeneeza Selwyn, who I think is a disgrace to my proffession, is being used as mobile phone masts. Who passes a listed structure to be used as a mobile phone receptacle? Yes, its the Reichmarshal Nigel Lee our vainglorious planning manager and the leader in the heritage disaster that is Liverpool.
Seven thousand pounds a throw, the rent is for each mast that’s 21 grand a year in rent to keep it in the state of decay until they fall down and then coin it on the land. Its like a reward. They cant go wrong.
Hey but its alright the NWDA are in and investing in the area, just like they did in the World Heritage Site and those grey suited clowns don’t know how to balance the past with the future. So on the tail of this will be Frank McKenna’s Downtown Liverpool in Business Vultures ready to feed off the carcasses of what remains, ready to leave us with another mini Milton Keynes-On-Sea. I bet on it. 250 yards away from the Grosvenor-pool shopping Precient its a tale of two cities.

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