Thursday, 1 October 2009

Beatrice Fraenkel-Liverpools Design Tsar Fraud

Fraenkel says: ‘Architecture is an incredibly diverse profession, and I have a passion for it. I love buildings from the “Bling Bling” building in Liverpool by Piers Gough to Wilkinson Eyre’s bus station [at Liverpool One].
Hey there is a statement for you, so confident in what she knows.
Frankeal is now the chair of ARB. (How she got there is beyond me).
Ed Vaizey, the shadow minister for culture, has claimed he would save CABE from a Tory ‘bonfire of the quangos’ but again promised to kill off the Architects’ Registration Board (ARB).
Just how did this woman get appointed into such a high position in the first place...She says her favourite buildings in Liverpool is Herberts Barnet on Hanover Street.......still empty after two years. Oh and the bus depot by Wilkinson Eyre who also designed the Liver Street Car Park carbuncle on the same site. It seems quite hard to take someone so seriously with such obvious misgivings in her style opinions. But Design Tsar she was for Liverpool. Mike Storey endorsed her.

When the Fib-Dems PR machine pushed her to the front she was a high flyer in the Fib-Dems.
A councillor in the city for 23 years, Fraenkel (above) hit the headlines following her high-profile defection to the Labour Party. She cant even decide which party she is in.....was she jumped or was she pushed?
Fraenkel said she was ‘embarrassed and ashamed’ of the Liberal Democrat Party and blamed standards at local level for her departure. The Lib Dems hit back, questioning her absence from important meetings.

I am ashamed and embarrassed about the way, she, as design Tsar has manoeuvred herself into such a position. In my opinion she is a talentless confidence trickster. While under her Design Tsar stewardship. in Liverpool we have had such Carbuncles as the Terminal Ferry Building, One Park Worst. The Three Ugly Sisters were planned and passed and are now going up at an alarming rate, as is their NWDA funding partner the new X-box museum on Mann Island.
Princes Dock has become Milton Keynes-On-Sea. What a joke, when even the spivs of the Fib-Dems did not want her. She obviously, true to form never turned up to any design meetings to discuss the architectural mess we now find ourselves in, with a World Heritage Disaster.

She is quoted as saying, when talking about her design Tsar appointment,
"Liverpool is one of the first cities in the country to do it and it happens to be me. It's about cities starting to realise that the way they develop has an impact on the economic and social well-being of their people.
"It's about telling private developers and other people we work with that buildings, design and spaces matter a great deal.
"It's not a matter of just putting something up as quickly as possible or maximising the return on it."
What a pathetic masquerade she has played with the urban landscape of my city, it is now obvious that she did not a clue what she was talking about.
A note from her then Friend Mike "Jackanory" Storey.

Who says talking about her newly formed role "It will ensure Liverpool's rich architectural heritage will be protected".
He went on to say: "This design guide is long overdue. It places good design at the heart of all activity in the city.
"In the new Liverpool, quality counts. We have learnt from the mistakes of the past. We will no longer put up with second best.
"Good design is not just about bricks and mortar. It is also about the social and cultural environment in which we live, work and play."
He is mentioned on a website called Enemies of the People along with the Criminal Hurst of whom he said "I would trust him with my life".

With Frankeal as Design Champion and Berni Turner as Heritage Champion and Mike Storey in charge of Regeneration, Oh, and the complete and utter waste of space John Hinchliffe as World Heritage Officer, no wonder we are in such a mess.
We didn't stand a chance.

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