Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Liverpools Pier Head, And its New Landmark Caravan Terminal.

Hamiltons the Irish architects (sic) who carbuncled us have been explaining how they arrived at the design for the new Terminal Ferry Carbuncle.

They have released this picture that one of them took on holiday as the inspiration, they go on to explain how they arrived at the shape of the new Caravan Terminal. Er, Ferry Terminal. "This bloke was driving past on a bike with his bedroom attached, and I thought it would be something new to take the caravan design and take it to a different level, make it bigger for a maritime setting, it just happened we didn't think about it too much" One of the Hamiltons crew said. We worked the idea up and Liverpool accepted the designs for its world heritage site.
People love it the editor of the Daily Post praised it as his favourite building and we have had a commendation from the World Heritage Officer John Hinchliffe who said he loves it. We also thought it would match the new museum and think it fits in lovely with the same angular design".
Meanwhile passengers on the recent departure of the Cruise ship, The Black Prince, which left Liverpool last week from the glamorous Langton Dock were amazed it floated back to the Pier Head to catch the tide.
A huge number had lined up on the deck and caused a queue to look over the side. What was all the fuss and some were overheard saying "Is that it it has to be". A massive group joined in, and a big fuss unfurled itself. What was all the fuss one Liverpudlian pushed in to see.

They were lining up to see the new Liverpool landmark the winner of the Carbuncle Cup that they had heard so much about. The Terminal Ferry Carbuncle as Amanda the editor of BD magazine said "Slap bang in the middle of Liverpool's World Heritage Site.

But, the council have said our heritage is safe and its backed up by Larry Bartlett at the Daily Ghost so it must be alright then. Well they would wouldn't they senior councillors lining up to defend the mess. "Its better than what was there" one sad one said who happened to be Warren Bradley. Errrr no, its not. Like a bunch of red faced scousers caught on the rob in TK Maxx with a pair of Keck's up their jumpers. "Er 'ow did that get there it wasn't us someone planted it". They have stolen our skyline and are trying to brace it out. It is not working Warren. Doreen Jones the "Dame of Disaster" said she was blackmailed, which is garbage, she who mentored little Warren into his ill informed position, passed it as planning committee chairman and then blames Warren Bradley, Oh come on. http://www.bdonline.co.uk/story.asp?sectioncode=430&storycode=3147432&channel=783&c=2
It was paid for with European Objective One Money.
Liverpool had 928 million pounds in objective one slush money and at least £10,000,000 of it went on a Terminal Ferry Carbuncle.

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