Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Berni Turner-And a Tin of Sardines

Liverpool City Councillors expenses are laid right open by a freedom of information act request by the Green Party.
Here are your counclillors expenses available for the public to see, and it makes interesting reading.
Some councillors had claims rejected because their position at the council had changed and they were no longer entitled to them .
Cllr Steve Hurst had around £35 of claims rejected after his resignation as executive member for corporate performance.
The comments on the form referred to his resignation and his claims were for duties “no longer approved”.
Hurst said he was still carrying out the duties because he had not been replaced but that he “decided not to challenge them because I was suffering from depression during this time and felt this would only make matters worse”. He has an excuse for everything, even after he is convicted this bloke still gets support, and it all adds up to show the sad state of affairs and the Culture of Capital at the council.
Cllr Hurst had resigned following his conviction under the Representation of the People Act after being caught distributing leaflets smearing a Labour rival.
In total, councillors had £643 worth of travel and food expenses claims rejected in the last year.

Big Mouth Berni is off again. She styles herself as a Heritage Champion but will not reply to questions that she does not wish to answer like the 46 listed buildings lost and the buildings falling over whilst the world heritage site is destroyed with empty flats. But when she does its usually abusive.
But this time its brine going into her mouth instead of coming out of it. Liberal Democrat member said she no longer planned to claim for subsistence food expenses following her experience with a £1.69 tin of sardines from Waitrose.
Cllr Berni Turner said that she had bought the fish along with her other shopping while busy at the council one day, but did not want to hand over the receipt for her entire shop. (Sure it wasnt from Tesco Berni.) Turner recently got in trouble after she said that Sir Terry Leahy from Tescos ran an evil empire.
But that wasn’t good enough for council expenses scrutineers.
Cllr Turner said: “I did not have an individual receipt for this tin of sardines, so in the end I had to cut the outer wrapper off the tin in order to claim. I bought them, ate them and then ended up having to clip the thing to the expenses form to prove I’d purchased them. In the end I thought can I be bothered doing all this for this? I can’t.”
What an absolute embarrasment.
Here is one of her expense claims.

You know you would be too ashamed to claim for a tin of sardines. To even think you get paid by the public for eating, does she not have to eat anyhow.

Cllr Ron Gould, executive member for health, learned while attending the opening of a new supermarket in Liverpool that the phrase “every little helps” is not in city accountants’ vocabulary. He had a claim for £1.60 for a sandwich knocked back while standing in for council leader Cllr Warren Bradley at the opening of a city centre Tesco.
Cllr Gould insisted his claim was legitimate, despite it being knocked back.
“I was asked to go to the opening of the Tesco as the date had been brought forward, so the date I opened it was not the date the council official had. I was in town all morning so I bought a sandwich, but they knocked it back. But I’m not going to go to war over it, it’s just one of those things.”

Warren Bradley intends going to the opening of new Tescos while they are taking over the city, hum, hum.
You know the whole way that these people behave leaves me amazed and very disapointed to be represented by such a bunch of penny pinchers.

No mention of Trevor Jones expenses though. Isnt that a shame.

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