Tuesday, 6 October 2009

David Bartlett Blues-He should have gone to Specsavers

This is a picture taken from the steps of the Municipal Buildings in Dale Street. Yes the Municipal Buildings. It is Georgian and listed and it has been decaying for over 20 years. Every day council officials such as Colin "Cover up" Hilton pass it on their way to work. Warren Bradley has an office there, as does Mike Storey. It is an embarrassment, especially considering it is in the World Heritage Site. There are more decaying structures that all the council seem oblivious to.
Yet today the Dale Street Blues Blog is rattling on for the council looking after our heritage and telling falsely how we in Liverpool are protecting the WHS. When its foolish to be clever it really is folly to be wise Mr Bartlett.
Here are just a few of the wrecks in Dale Street. http://liverpoolpreservationtrust.blogspot.com/2009/08/lets-take-sentimental-journey-with.html
I think the whole environment of the Oldham Echo must institutionalise its staff. Why call a blog Dale Street Blues and then walk down it, as if blind, not noticing its decay. Wrong glasses maybe.
This post of his co-incides with the Daily Peel promoting, as PR agents, the proposed Liverpool Waters development. How very convenient.
So here is David talking with authority on world heritage buried in his blog.
I have to say when we want kids who don't even know how to put a shelf up we will ask Mr Bartlett, until then its best to stick to what you know, Dave, or know a man who knows, who you can form an opinion around. Well Peels bosses will do, it seems. But really, the Milky Bars, are on Peel. The heritage protection of which he talks is a whitewash and he has been led by the hand by those in power to the documents. Larry Bartlett deciding what is good and bad architecture, come on pull the other one. http://liverpoolpreservationtrust.blogspot.com/2009/10/peel-holdings-liverpeel-its-happening.html
I use to speak to Dave on quite a regular basis until I realised that there was another agenda going on, and that the cherry picking of the news was a regular Daily Ghost event. And that he knew nothing or cared nothing for Liverpool's heritage. Blind to the facts and picking his news, how strange. The news when cherried is sliced by Andy Kelly the news editor, who should know better and then put through a siv by Mark Thomas who said the new Terminal Ferry Building that won the National Carbuncle Cup was his favourite new building. It then comes out as thick sticky gooey sherbert flavoured story that they think makes better news. God 'elp us, yes it is that bad. And they help form the publics opinions!

I posted about Liverpool's Supplementary Development Plan last March, spoke to Bartlett and he would not go to print. So why? And why now does the Daily Ghost now print?...because it suits them to PR Peel I believe.
Bartletts blog states;
The threat of Liverpool losing its World Heritage status subsided when Unesco met in 2009. It asked to be kept informed of the progress of the SPD but did not ask for the matter to be brought to its World Heritage Committee again.
The effect of that was to effectively take the city of the "at risk" list.
I'd be really interested to hear what my readers views of the WHS Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) are.
I know there are people out there who will say that however good, or not, this document will prove in protecting Liverpool's historic waterfront that much damage has already been done.
It is like closing the stable door after the horse has bolted. It is five years too late. It should have been prepared when he was still at school ahead of the developments that now make World Heritag Blight. He has to be put straight by one person making a comment, which is not me as I refuse to engage with the cherry picker now.
NR said:
Em - this isn't a 'blue print', and it hasn't the backing of UNESCO.
I would suggest that the threat to Liverpool's WHS status may well rear its head again; monitoring and reporting is ongoing.
Whether or not the World Heritage Centre considers this is an appropriate amount and type of development has yet to be tested. The major test will be - does it affect the Outstanding Universal Value of the WHS? It's not just about tall buildings per se.
Frankly, though, Liverpool's waterfront is now such a mess, it's lost its heritage charm and value. It's, frankly, an incoherent mess, and developers are laughing all the way to the bank.
She then goes on to add.
NR said:
I add to the above, Liverpool was never on the 'at risk' list (I think you mean World Heritage In Danger) although that's no reason to think it may not be put on in future. Certainly, many people are extremely concerned at what has happened, and continues to happen, in Liverpool.Can I remind you that the new ferry terminal has been awarded the 2009 Building Design Carbuncle Cup, voted the worst piece of architecture completed in the UK this year?
World Heritage Site status does not prevent development, or modern design of new buildings. But in historic areas, surely that development should be appropriate. The brash, architecturally suspect and 'built for profit not attractiveness' nonsense which has sprung up in Liverpool in recent years, while many of its historic buildings have been neglected, really shows how little those in charge have a grip.Even if they don't destroy the WHS status, what on earth are they doing spoiling the setting of listed buildings?
English Heritage and its supine officials, who aided and abetted so much of this, should be ashamed.
It could all have been so much better, but sadly, those in charge aren't up to the job.
Will he listen, somehow I think not.
http://profchucklebuttychronic.blogspot.com/2009/09/epic-poem-on-world-heritage-site-as.html Here is Professor Chucklebuttys Ode to Odiousness which is well worth a read.

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