Thursday, 22 April 2010

Heritage Fruitcakes from Bonkers-Ville #4

I have been told off by some of my colleagues for wasting valuable time this week in not highlighting some of Liverpool’s problems it looks like the SS Manxman is to be scrapped. It looks like they are planning to renew the temporary landing stage at the Pier Head after nearly 10 years despite spending 12 million on a Terminal Ferry Carbuncle. But it has been an insight into the mindset of the heritage do-gooders who cant do anything because they spend so much time arguing with themselves. Count me out of this crew. I write because I have nothing to lose, because I have lost all of that nothing. Just look at those pictures of what is unfolding at the Pier Head and any fool can see we are in a shambolic mess. This is why I write not to satisfy myself. Where were they when the battles were being fought, stalking someone else probably? It was BD magazine last week when a few fruitcakes decided to round on us and waste my time. I shouldn’t have done it I know. One of them kept asking to join. I have to conclude the reason why we don’t have an open membership is to keep heritage fruitcakes from Bonkers-Ville, who don’t even live in Liverpool out of our hair. So we can highlight the problems in our city. You have to earn the right to be taken seriously by my colleagues. But bloody hell a bunch of Zimmer framed pensioners trying to bully us by stalking us asking to join. Oh please. I dropped my biscuit in my tea once I was that terrified. I ususlly deal with these sort of nutters before my first teabreak but I was a bit late that day. The last people in the world we want anywhere near us is the likes of these.  
I confer and am guided by people who I respect I don’t need to name them they don’t need the acknowledgement they are confident in themselves. One of my colleagues who I have not seen for a while as we have only spoke on the phone and conference on the Internet recently came in the shop Tuesday last. I was shocked because he was only a little bloke in reality, and my respect for him is so large that I had been thinking he was a 6ft 4-inch giant of a man. These are the people whose advice I take not a group of Zimmer-ed nutters from no-where-ville. These are the people who I admire those who fight on when the going gets tough. That stand up for their principles and more importantly don’t collaborate. Those that fought against world heritage vandalism being played out in front of your eyes without ego. You know we have lost but its better to have fought and lost than not have fought at all.

Normal Service Will Be Resumed Soon.


  1. Yes and before you leave any comments this is a Heritage Stalker Fruitcake Free Zone.


    It looks like the Stalker has set up a website to try to undermine what we do. Evelyn Cook you really are a sad bastard who will do anything for attention.

    Charles Korsham

  3. I think we have better things to do, than wasting time with sad people with nothing else to do. I think my case is proven, why would they want to undermine the fight to save us from this planning department. Stalking Heritage Fruitcakes...proven beyond reasonable doubt.

  4. What gets me is that some-one can be so vociferous when they dont live here. Do you know where they live?

    Is she representing Save Britains Heritage.
    I found this poem on line

    I shall not, I think, grow
    round, brown and sweet as a cobnut,
    but sour and suck-cheeked
    as a December crab-apple. I shall sit,
    narrow-eyed, wide-kneed, clot-veined,
    in a chair by the porch,
    malodorous as slurry.

  5. Thanks Charles so she lives in Hexham in Northumberland isnt that a strange thing.
    I cant understand why she has taken such a dislike to something happening in Liverpool.
    Do you think its personal.
    She once told me she was being impersonated on comments pages and not to tell anyone who she is who asks.

    She could have put her use to something more constructive like saving the Manxman maybe which is lying rotting in a dock in Newcastle just down the road but no its just Bonkersville out there.
    Strange that she does everything anonymous also. Is that why she can be so batty.
    A poetry writer well here is one for Evelyn Cook, not my own though I nicked it.

    Wake up to Reality
    Use your mentality
    And stop being a jerk.........Oh sorry the ending was mine.



    Is it strange that she says World Heritage sites should not be interfered with when its in her own area


    Yes Charles thanks for this a quick Google search and I found this online.

    It seems she Evelyn Cook, makes all thes accusations and threats and does it all anonymously. Hey how can that be allowed, no wonder she acts tough, she never gives out her base. So who is this woman representing. Stalkers anonymous, yes we know that. But the internet is a wonderful thing. Here she enlists the help ADAM Wilkinson of one of her SAVE buddies who she claims so readily to represent their views and it is disgraceful that someone one so readily available to give advice to ther people hides.


    Evelyn Cook of Nemesis republic and member of SAVE Britains heritage, numerous vile alias and all round fruitcake seems to have upset a lot of people along her hateful journey.

    We want nothing to do with this current argument she has taken on with other groups.
    We are interested in Heritage and conservation in Liverpool only, and have no political views whatsoever unless local to Liverpools polititions and its heritage.

    We have asked David not to print any more of the comments that she has tried to leave on these pages.

    We hope she will go away with her vile trail of cyber squatting and filth.

    It is also interesting to note that she may be NR on building design
    A registration may be required.

    The connection with SAVE Britains Heritage leaves us astounded.
    They really should know better than to encourage her.