Thursday, 8 April 2010

Mann Island-An Artists Impression

A Piss Artists Impression more like................How can they get away with this stretch of someones imagination. Here is the crammed in reality. To think this is world heritage site and UNESCO let them get away with this piece of world heritage vandalism.


  1. It becomes more and more sickening as they rise like great black scabs on the body of our waterfront. They didn't even think that it blocks out the giant office staplers that form the new museum. I don't actually mind the design of the museum, it's just that it should have been built across the road at Liverpool One Gone Worst, the pale corpse coloured technical college, that's if anything had to go there.

    The area blotting out the view of the waterfront and the museum was screaming out to be developed as a waterfront landscaped park, tree lined with play area, cafe, flowerbeds, artworks, performance area. Something that would have provided an opportunity to rest relax, attract people and enhance the waterfront. But no, it had to satisy the lust of the developers and the philistine egos of the city council.

    The canal area is cold and clinical as well as devoid of barges. The cafe bar within the Carbuncle is also cold and has the feeling throughout the entire structure that you are in some temporary structure. It is a glorified shed. The thing they keep missing in the feeble cry to make this a premiere European city, is that most cities in Europe actually set aside and protect or create green areas full of flowers and shady corners where you can sit back and relax..admittedly they are not bothered so much by people effing and blinding, urinating, vomiting and copulating everywhere as we too often get in our cities, well except when the British arrive on holiday. But don't expect us to be impressed by an astro turfed car park roof across the road as if this is a recreation area. Well we are stuck with these monstrosities now and Bradley and his crew of planning morons should hang their heads in shame. Whatever good things they achieved are now literally overshadowed by this hideous, unwanted ugly tat. They are like the line from Fawlty Towers, they'd wear a turd round their necks if it was sprayed gold.

  2. BD magazine who awarded Liverpool the Carbuncle Cup award for the Terminal Ferry Building, this time highlighting the disgusting mess that is unfolding before UNESCO's eyes

    It is easy to think its just us sometimes but the kickback will begin soon when we wake up to reality.

  3. Truly sickening. We used to have a wondrous view of the Pier Head buildings, reflected in Canning Dock in all their glory. It was like looking at the Taj Mahal. Now we this ugliness. Anyone visiting our city after a few yars absence will wonder why this was allowed. New tourists will wonder why we were granted World Heritage status. UNESCO promised us that "sight lines will be preserved". They are as guilty as the council planners in allowing this abomination.