Friday, 9 April 2010

ARE UNESCO CORRUPT-Or Just Plain Stupid Ignorant Imbeciles.

Is Francesco Bandarin ignorant to the facts? Why has he turned a blind eye? Is Ron VanOers Michelle Bonnette who did the reactive monitoring mission in October 06 in on the scam to destroy Liverpool’s World Heritage Site? Did Caity Marsh at the DCMS pull the wool over their eyes or are they turning a blind eye to the destruction of Liverpool’s World Heritage Site because the UK Government through the DCMS has provided 20% of the funding for Unesco? Where Peter Marsden, ask him,   has played politics with our heritage and what should have been our best asset the WHS and all it could be for the future. So now the kickback and the unflattering recognition begins this time by BD magazine who awarded Liverpool the Carbuncle Cup award for the Terminal Ferry Building, this time highlighting the disgusting mess that is unfolding before UNESCO's eyes  The picture above is the governments statement on the Historic Environment 2010 showing it was.... which is now been allowed to be destroyed by the corrupted officials compliant with world heritage disaster.................They really cant be that stupid can they all. Are they not supposed to be clever people there because of their architectural and historical knowledge. Why have they all conspired against us.

This is the reality that BD highlight the mess unfolds while our World Heritage Officer of Space John Hinchliffe stands idly by and Henry Owen-John of English Heretics turn a blind eye right under the nose of head honcho, the Saville Row Bazooka Joe Dr Simon Thurley.  
Just look at the way English Heretic have not woken up to reality yet as the use the same old image to promote world heritage sites.....this is wrong.

And they all watch as the Reichmarshal Nigel Lee our Chief Planning Disaster runs riot. Some get the level of the disaster but at Trinity "Smoking" Mirrors Group they are..well educated ignorant people really who have let us down badly. Bill Gleeson has an excuse he has bad sight,but the rest of them have no excuses for what has unfolded in front of our eyes, the slant they have projected is ignorance.
Others say they have done nothing illegal. I disagree, they have allowed themselves to be corrupted by the power they possess. They may not have taken cash or done anything illegal, all mentioned have sold their souls......shame on all concerned and watch the backlash begin as the world realises what we have done.

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