Thursday, 11 June 2009

Downtown Liverpool In Business in a Skip

Is it James Bond, Basildon Bond, Brooke Bond, or Jenny.
Just who does this fella think he is?
Well its Frank McKenna from Downtown Liverpool in Business (DLIB).
Just how does he see himself, its hilarious.
OK, here's the way it works lots of businesses sign up and pay him, say, a grand a year and he spends it on hairdos and rented tuxedo's, no sorry, advertising.
Looks like there is only one person he represents to me. I would be pretty upset if my hard earned cash was used to advertise errr, cant see what he is advertising myself. Is it stationary?
I overheard him some time ago talking to a businessman.
"Don't worry I will open doors for you at the NWDA, I have all the contacts you need? Is that what he means by little black book.
It is alleged that he was a failed politition some time ago in Lancashire which is how he arrived in Liverpool, and it seems that most people have forgotten the details of his past foray into the political arena.
How well does he know the "Dame of Dereliction" Louise Ellman?
She was once on the board of Liverpool Vision, and was it the NWDA that Mike Storey and Baron Wadley were making all the committee decisions for.
Jaguar wheels within Jaguar Wheels you may say. There is talk he wants to become Mayor of Liverpool...Cue the Boris Johnson Wig.

Here is one he did earlier this time its...... DLIB in a skip.
How did that get there?
"We will make you an offer you cant refuse", What does that mean? Now he's the Godfather, Al Pacino.....God 'elp us.
How does he get away with this nonesense
Why is his organisation allowed a page a week in the Daily Ghost. Oh he pays them.
This organisation is set up to persuade politicians that its right for the likes of clients of theirs such as Iliad to run riot in the city smacking fronts off the likes of properties in 6 Sir Thomas Street right in front of the council leaders office.

DLIB also represents alot of reputable hardworking businesses. Its just funny they allow him to represent them in such a manner.
Is it not time that the writing between the lines was actually read.


  1. I was at an event not long ago where he was seriously trying to sell autographed posters of himself, not even for charity!

    If he becomes mayor I'm leaving.

  2. Frank should be seriously worried. Despite the company of his two, erm, associates, he's starting to look like Shane MacGowan.