Friday, 12 June 2009

CABE-Who funds them?

Just who polices the Heritage police.
I thought it strange that CABE would have an office in Liverpool and thought to find who funded it.
Yes round up all the usual suspects.
How can you have a local design review panel funded by this City Council promoting the ideas by Liverpool Vision and funded by the NWDA.
UNESCO state clearly in their analogues on Liverpool that they have taken the advice of CABE and the English Heretics, yet recently when I met the obnoxious Paul Finch he was gobbing off about the need to send Unesco packing from Liverpool. "Its none of thier business" he said at a AJ conference in the Crown Plaza. I had a quiet word with him and told him in no uncertain terms that his opinion was unwarranted as he does not live here and therefore what has it got to do with him with his autocratic big mouth.
This conference chaired by Finch was a platform for Grosvenor, Broadway Maylan building the "Three Ugly Sisters" at Mann Island. Henry Owen John. The Riechmarchal Lee gave a guttural talk cracking jokes like a sad case with no-one laughing.
So just who is running the design of Liverpool.............if anyone at all.

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