Thursday, 11 February 2010

Grosvenor-pool-Putting The Con into Confidence.

I will today leave you in the capable hands of Correspondent not much local gets past this blog. It is well worth reading on a regular basis. Click on the link below. Their post is called putting the Con into Confidence. They pour scrutiny over the local papers and its relationship to manipulate the news to suit the opinions they hold...without scrutiny. The Oldham Hall Street brigade dont do, scrutiny. Day in day out they seem to just print what they are fed by the council. They do not wish to involve themselves with news from heritage campaigners. It is the relationship with Grosvenor-pool and the City Council, who have given a third of the city centre away, which comes under the microscope of Correspondent. The top brass and by top brass I mean Clever Trevor Jones  and Mike "spin me another one" Storey who, without scrutiny, manipulated Warren Bradley into power. They have basicly given the land away with no public scrutiny of the lease details. Oh and talking of Con, Trinty “Smoking” Mirror Group who have just bought out the Manchester Evening News. Headline; ONE CRAP PAPER BUYS ANOTHER. Thats good news for Peel Holdings.

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