Friday, 19 February 2010

The Whitehouse Pub-Is it really a Banksy?

The myth has been perpetuated by the local papers that this is a Banksy, the secretive Graffiti artist who it was said was not commissioned to do it, but he popped up here and got off the train….with several sets of ladders, scaffold, brushes, rollers with extensions…oh and spray cans, and knocked it out.
If this is a Banksy then my Auntie is my Uncle.

Mythmakers Trinity “Smoking” Mirrors see mileage in this I even know the reporter who made the story up and who told him to do so.
Yesterday it sold for £114,000.
Despite carrying a guide price of between £70,000 and £80,000, four bidders battled past the £81,000 mark to try to secure one of the city’s most famous landmarks.
Kirkby-based business partners Billy Palmer and Sina Moradian eventually emerged victorious, saying they were keen to preserve one of Banksy’s largest authentic artworks.
“We are not fans of Banksy, but we are keen to keep it. We will have to see how it goes with the rest of the works.”
Mr Moradian, 24, who owns the Funky Box nightclub, in Fleet Street, said: “We were looking for a freehold property and this has a good location and good investment potential.”
Joking about the elusive Bristol-born artist, he added: “We are keen to keep the rat. I might try to get in contact with Banksy and ask him to come and re-do it once we are ready to paint the outside.”
James Kersh, director of the Sutton Kersh auction at Liverpool’s Marriott Hotel, said: “We knew it was going to sell, given the amount of interest it generated.
“It was the first building with famous artwork we have sold and it was difficult to predict the price, but it went well.”
Any alterations to the interior or exterior of the building must go to Liverpool Council for planning consent.
The Council Historic Environment Champion (sic) Bernie Turnup….just what did go on at Harthill Allotments…allotted it a repairs notice so, even though shysters Frenson, the scourge of Liverpool’s Georgiana, were selling it. So it comes along with a repairs notice that cant be ignored. Its Grade II. So even to paint over the artwork will need permission from the pathetic conservation office who have let it get to this sorry state.
Across the road the Scandinavian Hotel still is a shamble affair 

Chris Griffiths the waste of space buildings at risk officer was at the auction. He then put his blindfold back on, so he can ignore the hotel opposite and the dereliction in Duke Street, and went home to his place in the Albany in Oldham Hall Street, that has dry rot in the balcony. See what happens Mr Griffiths if you do shoddy repairs under a repairs notice from the council, some-one gets lumped with it down the line.



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