Wednesday, 3 February 2010

MANN ISLAND-You Know You've Arrived.

Yes you know you have arrived alright........The World Heritage Site is destroyed, so a handful of "Cosy" Developers can make a packet. While the idiots at Unesco waffle about Overall Universal Value and other technical stuff the very thing that gave us who we were, our Iconic Three Graces are obliterated. The truth of the matter is that the UK Government through the DCMS  fund Unesco to 10% of their budget. They say they are empowered by The Government Office North West which have offices at Cunard Building overlooking the Terminal Ferry Carbuncle, and this Quango in turn is run by the North "Vested Interest" Development Agency (NWDA) who gave the land worth 80 million away for 3.5 million. Yes you know you,ve arrived at Mann Island alright. You have been shafted.


  1. Known locally as The Black Slugs. The sublime view across Canning Dock is now destroyed. This was the picture that was used by Granada Report to showcase our beautiful Pier Head. So UNESCO promised us that site lines in the WHS would be preserved ? What a sick joke.

  2. Well if the land is worth 80 million!!! which I very much doubt - then I guess the people buying there have god a good deal, if the land was only bought for 3.5 million then the apartments must be mega cheap compared to what they would have had to of been!!!!

  3. Not a very clever argument that Mr Anonymous.
    Euro MEP Paul Nuttal has asked for a national audit office report which will show how much was true value for money, and how much the public were shafted for by the North Vested Interest Development Agency.