Thursday, 5 August 2010

Phil Redmond's House, Is Featured In Cheshire Life.

No they wont be having many Scouse weddings in this part of leafy Cheshire. In the hamlet of Utkington by Tarporly. While he is organising Camerons "Big Society" and telling us all to volunteer to run the underfunded Liverpool Museums. Phil, whose wife, Alexis has been the trustee responsible for finances at National Museums Liverpool for years needs to take a long hard look at the script he has served up for those scousers that he pretends to be one of.
Phil, Lord of the Manor, Redmond, should be a little less patronising to those good people of Liverpool and stop pretending he lives here in the city when in reality he hires a team of gardners and serfs to mow his lawn, and do all his menials.
Dr Redmonds House has a history of volunteers being at one time the base for a sort of sect called the Moral Re-Armemant Movement.
Not quite a Mosely Blackshirts organisation but well a sort of "Big Society" idea to transform the country.
It was apposed by C.S Lewis who was against the group, and said "If you try to suppress 'it' you only make martyrs".
The Oxord group was led by Frank Buchman who once said "I thank Heaven for a man like Adolf Hitler".
Tom Dryberg described Buchman as a soapy racketeer.
Was it Oxford or Eton that Cameron attended? Anyhow big ideas Phil may well and truly be in his own world now.  But he is kidding the people of this city. All Millionares together telling us to tighten our belts.


  1. Tom Driberg was almost prophetic in using the term "soapy racketeer" to describe Frank Buckman. Only now we have Phil Redmond who is a soap-opera racketeer. Cosying up to the philanthropist Big Society with call-me-Dave and his millionaire mates may yet get him a knighthood. Yet Brookside and its caricatures did immense harm to the image of Liverpool. Try living ouside the city and listening to the stereotypical scouse "jokes" reinforced by Redmond's TV output and "scouse wedding" utterances. How did this man ever become the mouthpiece for our culture heritage?

  2. They say you get what you deserve, but I now think people are able to see through his self gratifying utterances.