Thursday, 12 August 2010

Heaps Rice Mill-Needs Grade II Listing, Its Going Downhill Fast.

Regeneration, we keep hearing that word bandied about in Liverpool by people who are far from educated in the art of restoring Liverpools Historic past. Or don,t care. While Warren was creating his war zones in Toxteth and elswhere, in the poorer regions of the city such as the Boot Estate in Norris Green along with John Kelly, parts of Liverpool are still in abject decay. Heaps Rice Mill is 100 yars from the start of Grosvenor-pool, now thats what we call a tale of two cities. This was part of the Trevor Jones/Windsor Development triangle that saw the demolishing of the Greenbergs building, a handsome Victorian structure operating as a going concern, on the next block.
Now that clever Trevor has retired to Chester after cashing all his chips in, (it was reported in the New Satesman in the 1980s he has up to 20 interests in properties in this area) and he may have stopped spivving for Windsor developments who had up to six companies of the same name numbered 1-6 and were registered in the same accountants address as Lamb and Sons, in Surrey. Windsor who attempted to share the profits of the old Maritime Buildings owned by Trevor and Doreen Jones of Lamb and Sons that was knocked down while a listing application was at the council to list it.

What will happen to this building if it does not become a Grade II listed structure? Which backs on to the old Lamb and Sons site.
Part of the Baltic Triangle Will it fall down or as is usual be declared too far neglected that it needs demolition to help it out.
Meanwhile the Scandinavian Church which is next door is at risk too....still.
All this in the Dame of Dereliction her shyness Loiuse Ellman's constituancy.

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