Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Is Bill Gleeson Peel Holdings Spiv?

You have to say it looks that way. How did someone so culturally ill informed get into such a position of informing the public about things that can harm them. Liverpool is a World Heritage Site.
How can a man with such a introverted brain be allowed to express his views so adamantly, putting them forward in such a manner. Maybe he is allowed to, by an ill informed editor, who stated that his favorite building was the 2009 BD Carbuncle cup winner the Terminal Ferry Building.
 Why is the reason they have never had a sniff of an architectural correspondent on the Liverpool Daily Ghost?
The sooner we get rid of this piece of toilet roll the better. They undermine everything that Conservationists have done in this city on behalf of its business advert-orials.
The Daily Post puts all its money on Black, the business sector, just as it comes up red and we hit the worst recession for half a century.......clever indeed.
Bill Gleeson was the main propogandarist for the Three Black Coffins on Mann Island. I use to write to him often asking him if he was blind.......until I discovered he had a sight disability, and then I felt guilty and had to stop.
Why is he allowed to comment on things that affect the aesthetics of a world heritage city.
Known as Physco Bill in the office it is my view he is a discredited character in the public domain, so why is he allowed out unchecked. Well apart from with Frank McKenna who almost runs the business section of the local papers. Trying all he can to undermine heritage issues, and Bill is always happy to oblige it seems to me.
Today he runs the headline page 8 of Business Post
"Dont permit conservationists to sink Peels plans"

He says; There is much to be admired about the Pier Head, but we must not let conservation for conservation’s sake stand in the way of progress. Nobody is suggesting demolishing the Royal Liver Building. Peel’s plan is about bringing back to use land that has been economically idle for decades. The land is located a couple of miles to the north of the heritage site, a safe distance. The fact that the company is prepared to invest in this part of Liverpool at all is a minor miracle in its own right.

Peels proposals are in the world heritage site.

He will not understand where the world heritage site is because it suits him not to. He wont understand the term Overall Universal Value because his wife has not read out a single Unesco document to him.
I don't usually make bad words here, I try hard not to, but I am finding it hard not to when describing Phsyco Bill.
This is the man that said Neptune Developments plans were good for the city. I think he has had one too many free lunches and that was from Peel Holdings.


  1. Some time ago UNESCO requested that the city council kept the people of Liverpool better informed about their city's World Heritage sites. Very laudable.
    However, with misinformation from their local newspaper, they could be forgiven for not knowing anything at all about what it means to have WH status. This is deplorable. It seems that "business" comes before pride in your city. Yes, we enjoy the benefits flowing from sea trade etc, but it is also perfectly reasonable to ask Peel Holdings to comply with protection of Liverpool's maritime heritage.

  2. Laws and legislation are there to protect listed buildings and conservation areas from crass developments and with this bunch of ill educated numskulls informing......or as the case may be, not informing the public you can see how we ended up with such a load of disgusting rubbish at the Pier Head. Wild Bill may be known as Phsyco to his collegues but he is a cowboy in my mind.

    Wayne Colquhoun