Friday, 1 October 2010

Liverpool Black History Month-Will Dr David Fleming Be Taking Part?

ORGANISERS of Liverpool’s Black History Month are promising a packed programme of events.

The sixth annual festival, which starts today, aims to celebrate black history, culture and heritage.
This year’s event also coincides with Liverpool hosting the 15th MOBO awards for urban music at the Oldham ECHO Arena on October 20.
Highlights include the Black Achievers Awards and the Cultural Food Feast as well as a host of film nights, lectures, book launches and more.
National Museums Liverpool is also marking Black History Month with a series of events at venues across the city and a new book about slavery. The Black Achievers awards night is a prestigious black tie event which will be held on October 9 at St George’s Hall.

The book, called Transatlantic Slavery: An Introduction, has also been launched by the International Slavery Museum.

So after the director of Liverpool's International Slavery Museum recently said at a symposium about slavery,
 "I want all young black men to feel shit" should he be allowed to continue in his post and be allowed to educate us on matters of black history and slavery. I am not the son of a slaver I have no responsibility to be viewed as a slavers son.
Should the city editor of Liverpool's Daily Ghost writer for the museums and mate of Dicky Felton, PR for Fleming, be allowed to continue, for burying the story of this magnitude. 
The public deserve to know when their Representatives are behaving no more than ignorant bigot fashion, making worse stereotypes than those directors of museums, the racist museum directors of the the racist past, who used to ransack foreign shores and treat people as human loot and who now make free publicity in returning things that should never have been removed.
 It is interesting how a Dicky Felt-tip publicity shot was arranged to show what a jolly good fellow Fleming is.
 Instead of reporting the true picture of a man who in my opinion has got a racist undertone in his speak they bump him into a jolly good fellow. Now I am not for one minute saying it is not right to return the human remains to their rightful place but it is a coincidence it happens now. pic courtesy of the Daily Museums at Old Hall Street.
The last time Flem went down-under he upset all his staff saying all curators are dysfunctional characters.
So taking one to know one, Fleming is to be investigated by Liverpool City Council after Joe Anderson was made aware of his comments. David Bartlett at Trinity "Smoking" Mirrors is aware of this fact and has spoken to the person investigating him. 

So now he is giving the museums assets back to their rightful owners, can we have all our Herculaneum pottery back, 

But when the local press bury news what can you expect for the truth.

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