Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Save Stanley Park, It Is Not A Piece Of Yankee Real Estate.

So it looks like the Yanks will lose £146,000,000. Its not enough. These American, err businessmen who cant even get on with each other have ruined the proud Liverpool Institution, our history our heritage, unless you are a cheeky Evertonian monkey that is. Now with Broughton pursuing a new set of Yanks with all the same promises it looks like curtains for the Hicks and Gillet partnership. So with a new set of promises on the cards it is worth stopping to think what is the future for Liverpool's Stanley Park. It looks like Joe Anderson is no better than the Spiv-Dems and will offer our land to the new owners a Grade II listed Park with which to build a stadium with a supermarket. Yes as Proffessor Chucklebutty noted the new phenomena of John, Paul, George and Tesco.  

We need Parks just as much as we need Stadia. It is not a field to give away to anyone who knocks a couple of hundred million into the Royal Bank of Scotland.....that we own. As shareholders we all need to get on to the directors and tell them what you think.

Its not right to Spiv a park to anyone that promises to build a new pitch. THIS IS A-FIELD, no its not its our park get your mucky hands off it. The Anfield residents need looking after and helped not robbed by council worse than bag snatchers taking away the heritage of, my area, the place I grew up. Even the Daily Ghost is doing a piece on the plight of the Anfield residents that how bad things are there.  Warrens "War Zones" Bradley has a lot to answer for. I recently had a couple visit me from Santa Fe they used to live in Chicago, they got lost and ended up going through Anfield on a match day, they were not impressed. Give the people of Anfield and Everton a chance restore their area, and their pride, give them good houses, with a kennel for the bull mastiff and they will be happy.
Save Stanley Park Its not the Joe Andersons to give away.  

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