Friday, 29 October 2010

Mike Storey-Like A Bad Penny, He Always Turns Up.

Yes the old Dame is back, this time on the planning committee. He must have put himself there as a last Spiv-Dem act of defiance when they were booted out at the last elections.  It should be renamed the planting committee.
A SLEEPER FOR PEEL HOLDINGS, MAYBE? It seems possible the way this slippery old dame behaves.
He was mentored by Clever Trevor Jones, this is what he said when the eel retired to the Dukes estate in Chester. Cllr Storey said:
"Trevor is one of the outstanding politicians in the Liverpool political scene.

"He is a towering figure who has played a prominent part in the city's politics over several decades.
"Trevor laid the foundations for the huge strides made in Liverpool over the past 10 years."
He said Sir Trevor was instrumental in building bridges with Michael Heseltine when he was sent to Liverpool to help the city after the Toxteth riots.
"They became quite good friends, and that relationship helped to put in place a number of things that we now take for granted like the Albert Docks."
Cllr Storey was deputy leader under Sir Trevor's leadership.
"Every Sunday evening I would go to their house in Queen's Drive, we would natter away and when Doreen [Sir Trevor's wife] had gone to bed we would open the red wine.
"He's a consummate politician and also a consummate winner of elections.
"He is the forefather of modern political campaigning, he introduced the idea of monthly newsletters.
"He taught me everything I know about political campaigning.
"He was a hard nosed politician and a hard nose businessman, but he was also very caring.
"There is a huge number of examples of him helping people with humanity and kindness that people don't know about."
Well not quite Mikey, but we can see where you learned all your slippery tricks cant we.
This week after his Spiv-Dem council declared no more bars on Lark Lane and Allerton Road here he is twisting it at the planting committee meeting after Florence Gersten made a defiant stand.  But committee member Cllr Mike Storey said:             “In an ideal world, we would like high streets to have grocers and bakers and delis, but life is not like that any more.

“This property has been empty for eight years and God forbid it’s empty for another three or four years because next we’ve got Save Our City quite rightly complaining it’s been left to rack and ruin.”
Planning officer John Collins, recommending approval, said: “We recognise the concerns of people, but the issue of licensing is not one before us here today.
“We are just here to consider the use as a cafe and wine bar, and if alcohol is to be taken then that’s an issue for another committee.
“It’s a difficult decision, I appreciate that, but given the history of the site and the latest assessment, we are recommending permission be granted.”

The reality for Mike "Badpenny" Storey is unfortunately. Ask Will Alsop what he thinks about Storeys involvment.
Or try this one or better still click the label at the bottom of this page to see how it all pans out, read the truth instead of the shit you used to get from Mike Storeys mate Larry Neild and co at the Daily Council in Oldham Hall Street.

This is the sod that did all the World Heritage planning blight, and in the context of a tedious campaign currently being run by the Daily Ghost to save our Cruise Liner "Cock Up" Terminal it must be remembered that it was he who nailed the coffin down, it was he who seeded the mess that the city now finds itself in. He was the Captain on Deck when it was signed and sealed. It was his watch that accepted the European grants and told us all we should thank him for it.

Just why did him and Bernie Turner fall out will we ever know, or is that buried by the local press too.

You know like a bad penny, no matter how hard you rub, you just cant get the scum off. 

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