Monday, 18 October 2010

Liverpool World Heritage Steering Group-What Is Its Motives?

Page 2 of minutes of a meeting of The World Heritage Steering Group. These documents are not ever supposed to see the light of day so it is with a free abandon that they they write "It was agreed that JL (John Hinchliffe, the world heritage waste of space who should be protecting the WH not selling it) and NL (Nigel Lee) should discuss with Mike Birchnall, the most appropriate way to secure a member buy in and a political champion. It was agreed that Louise Ellman should be kept informed and be part of a political steering group".

You know you  have to despair the way they are whoring the WHS to what seems the highest bidder. What exactly does a "member buy in" mean. They also talk of discussing the WHS at a political level as at officer level it could restrict frank discussions.

Yes we all know what that means don't we.
With this level of errr...discussions about our, WHS going on while the public are not even told where the WHS is, well I suppose they can do what they want.
This combined with the disastrous set of shoddy principles practiced by the local press, who turn a blind eye to anything that suits them, it seems they are lining up another developers wish list.
The committee names.
Refusal of lottery funding.

Who and what is the World Heritage Steering Group for?

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