Thursday, 28 October 2010

6 Sir Thomas Street-Every Right To Feel Hacked Off.

Yes this was the sight that greeted Warren Bradley from his office overlooking the building.
"I wondered what all the noise was" he said to Larry Neild, then working for the Daily Ghost, as the shysters, Iliad hacked off the front of the facade, of a perfectly good building, with a Liver bird crested portico.
While it was being considered for listing by the English Heretics.
They needed to line the floors up from the old Municipal Buildings frontage on Dale Street World Heritage Site.  That had been sold to Iliad by the very same council that is charged with protecting our assets. The then Liverpool Spiv-Dem council and its cronies, what a joke, couldn't they have made two stairs to line up the floor heights. Couldn't Nigel Lee have advised Iliad in one of his frequent meetings with them that they cant mess with our heritage. He told me he asked Micheal Hanlon of Maghull Developments not to hack off Josephine Butler House, that is his involvement with developers, or should we say hackers.
Couldn't Steve Corbett from the Liverpool Conservation Office(sic) have stopped them.  No this is Liverpool we destroy our Victorian facades, one of the last remaining full and complete Victorian Streets in the city.
Doreen Jones, who did more damage than anyone in this city passed the plans in an Orchestrated planning committee Manoeuvre, while Steve Hurst the criminal tried to question me for trying to save it.
That man had a cheek alright.
While the Labour councillors on the planning committee also give it the thumbs up.

Bernie Turner, whatever happened to her, she is now sidelined, well she always was on heritage matters. Watching while it all went on around her, while she was supposed to be English Heritage Historic Environment Champion. A title she inherited from Lady Doreen Jones.
So all is well that ends well, I suppose.

Look what they have put in its place, a disgrace.

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