Friday, 22 October 2010

Trinity "Smoking" Mirrors-Peels Poodles.

Hey lets bring a load of shit into Liverpool burn it,and call it recycled energy, package it up as a good news story and the plonkers won't know a thing.

That's Trinity "Smoking" Mirrors for you.
Today reporting how better off we will all be on behalf of some PR company working for Peel.....or a direct conversation with Mark Thomas on his freebie to Shanghai.
 PLANS have been unveiled for a £300m environmentally-friendly power plant within the Port of Liverpool which would create hundreds of new jobs.

Between 200 and 300 new jobs would also be created during the construction of the site at Alexandra Dock, in Bootle.
And approximately 50 permanent jobs could follow if the site – which would generate enough electricity to annually power up to 250,000 homes – goes live as planned in five years’ time.

They even caption the article with a smiley face, oh how lucky are we.

It goes on,
“It’s an exciting project. We’ve picked Liverpool because it’s an up-and-coming city. All of the money has come from RES.”

Plans are at an early stage and the company will widely consult with the local community as design and environmental studies progress.
Electricity would be generated from burning shipped sustainable sources including forestry residues and sawmill co-products.

Turning the Alexandra docks into a smell-hole.

Ms Doyle says,
“We have chosen the Alexandra Dock site as it allows us to bring about 80% of the biomass fuel to the site by ship.

“This will help to ensure that road deliveries to the site are minimised while using the skills and expertise that exist within the port and local area.”

What a load of worse garbage that you intend to dump on the residents of the Bootle area.

Andy Martin, chief estate surveyor for Peel Ports, said: “This project will bring significant benefits and green collar jobs for the people of Sefton, Liverpool and the North West.

“The development supports the Port’s strategic plans to contribute to the low carbon economy.”

The developers have pledged to keep residents up-to-date on

More Shit from Mark Thomas & Co dumped on Liverpool from a great height, which benefits Peel Holdings and its Isle of Man tax exile owner.  LiverPeel
Liverpeel conflicts of interest Liver-peeled Peels Poodles

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    Here is the press release issued on 22.10.10 isnt that interesting the same day as the Daily Ghost article