Monday, 4 October 2010

Museum of Liverpool-Acknowledged As A Sad Rip Off of Rome's Maxxi?

This is the first time Zaha Hadid Architects has been awarded the RIBA Stirling Prize, having been shortlisted for the prize on three previous occasions (Nord Park Cable Railway, Austria, 2008; Phaeno Science Center, Wolfsburg, Germany, 2006; BMW Central Building, Leipzig, Germany, 2005).

You may look at the picture on the left..... look familiar......yes its the exact same window on the Museum of Liverpool in the World Heritage site. We were told that we were getting something Iconic and what it happens, we get is a Rome MAXXI Zaha Hadid rip off which was acknowledged by several correspondents, writing, when Liverpool won the 2009 Carbuncle Cup award for the Terminal Ferry Building. 
This year the Rome MAXXI rip off was nominated and accepted to the long list for the same BD Carbuncle Cup award but as its been delayed..... again till was not accepted to the shortlist for that reason.
I do get fed up being talked down to by the architectural profession and then the 'speak' is generally packaged by a reporter who knows nothing of architecture, who wouldnt even know how to put a shelf up.

But Liverpool was honoured by RIBA for a public realm award.
For the canal link that goes right past the Liverpool Daily Ghost Editor, Mark Thomas favourite building, the Terminal Ferry Building at the Pier Head.
 Its not good down there, a mess infact, they turned a green vista able to withstand the strains of concert events and New Year celebrations into some sort of anachronism that was never designed to have this function. The original architects must be turning in their graves. Now you can see what a mess they, at CABE have advised upon.
Incidently it was previously reported that  ARCHITECT Matt Brook has been elected to represent the region on the profession’s governing body.
It was said Mr Brook, who opened Broadway Malyan’s Liverpool office in 2007, will serve as a North West representative on the Royal Institute of British Architects’ National Council.

So, Matt Brookes the architect of disaster who is in charge of building the Three Black Coffins at the Pier Head is a area delegate for RIBA who give out an award.

Clever people these architects.

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