Friday, 15 October 2010

Liverpool's World Heritage Steering Group-The Secret Group-The List of Names.

Yes, I can hear you thinking what is a world heritage steering group. Well here is a list of the names.........round up all the usual suspects. Graham Ives, Louise Obrien, daughter of Fred and Nigel Lee. Graham Boxer and Keith Blundell, no surprises there all the people ever willing to sell out the world heritage site, or turn a blind eye. John Belchem is a surprise, I was recently interviewed by Winifred Robinson for a Radio 4 programme about Liverpool's new eyesore museum and he was waxing on about the history of the port and all that stuff.
I wonder how much hush money he is receiving in expenses for this job. Sarah Jane Farr was at the Merseyside civic Society meeting that I gave talk to. She was one of the heritage collaborators advocating the new museum. She should know better.
Hinchliffe the World Heritage waste of time  who has the backbone of a jelly fish as far as the WHS is concerned was running a lot of the proceedings and directed by Ian Wray of the NWDA. We dont have a chance when these secret organisations meet behind closed doors and don't make themselves known.
So here they are the conspirators to world heritage disasters, turning a blind eye, selling their souls really, probably to the highest bidder, jobs for the boys, or girls.
What is most alarming is David "Fuzzy Felt" Fleming who destroyed Manchester Docks (while Sara Jane Farr recorded the old shoes and bottles found there) is on the committee.
How can you let a man who has no concept of World Heritage principles who is a  marauder of the Liverpool Museums treasure chest to better his career, who has done so much damage near a steering group. It just shows the type of steering they have in mind.

All we need now is Henry Owen-John and Joe Anderson and they can do what they like.
They don't have a single person who I would trust there.

More Confidential Documents to Follow.

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