Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Joe Anderson-Sitting Far Too Close To Frank McKenna.

  Last weeks "Cool Business Award" Ceremony, (excuse me for laughing but I couldn't think of a single grey suited flannelet who was there who may have been remotely cool), was attended by Joe Anderson who is proud to proclaim Mr McKenna as a fellow Labour party member and supporter. Mr McKenna has a chequered history of Labour Party membership.
Frankly, I don't like the relationship between our elected council leader and a Spiv. In my opinion, everyone knows him as a spiv that is what he gets paid for, to ease his fellow businessmen into little tight holes that may be hard to get to otherwise. 
The Council leader should be above this sort of relationship with local business men, especially those with a dubious history. They should not be holding hands under the table. 
 It could be that, in my opinion, ill thought out relationships makes him ignore bodies such as English Heritage, and he may try to jib the planning procedure in a rush to help property developers, as it appears is happening with Peel Holdings.
Mr Anderson should be aware that a public inquiry should be called for over Liverpool Waters.

http://liverpoolpreservationtrust.blogspot.com/2009/06/dlib-in-skip.html We will make you an offer you cant refuse his advertising says showing himself as the Godfather, Billy Quiff more like it, anyone can pay a few girls to link you to kid people you are liked, Frank.

 McKenna himself says

Frank McKenna was a young Skelmersdale politician with the world at his feet. Chairman of the North West Regional Assembly, leader-elect of Lancashire County Council, he was destined for a safe Labour seat in the House of Commons where a ministerial career surely beckoned. Then rumours of election fraud surfaced in satirical magazine, Private Eye, forcing him to resign from public office. After a £3 million police investigation, the judge threw out the case but his political career was over. Now he is back in Lancashire as the head of Downtown Preston in Business – a high profile lobbying group which is sure to create waves. Editor Andrew Calvert went to meet a man who is remarkably sanguine about his experiences. When you are awaiting trial on fraud charges, your chances of finding a job are somewhat limited. “There’s not a lot you can do other than work for yourself,” recalled McKenna, reflecting on the events back in 2001.The sharp-suited, fast-talking Scouser had never been short of contacts in both the public and private sectors. A public affairs consultancy business was the obvious choice of a new career and McKenna was soon winning work throughout the North West.

He had built a reputation in Liverpool for his work with property developers on planning issues and came up with the idea for Downtown Liverpool in Business. http://liverpoolpreservationtrust.blogspot.com/2010/06/frank-mckenna-suckles-at-breast-of-joe.html

Here is how he promotes himself, Is it James Bond, Basildon Bond, Brooke Bond, or Jenny.

Just who does this fella think he is? The editor of the local paper. http://liverpoolpreservationtrust.blogspot.com/2010/03/frank-mckenna-unofficial-editor-of.html

Joe Anderson said "Frank started Downtown Liverpool in Business then he took it to Preston.......now all we need is for him to do Downtown Manchester and then we will see the back of him".
 Ho, Ho Joe, very funny but don't you remember the Derek Hatton days.
When it was thought uncool, or just plain not right to give favours to local spivs. Far too much council land and favours have been given away to local businessmen. Wilberforce House to Beetham for £120,000 by the Fib-Dems.
Derek Hatton was in court for it was reported, the city council, allegedly slicing a piece of land, that is now one of the main routes into Grosvenor-pool not far from the Beehive public house.
http://www.liverpooldailypost.co.uk/liverpool-news/regional-news/2010/11/23/david-cameron-vows-merseyside-won-t-return-to-1980s-misery-92534-27696885/ Today's Daily Ghost has a interview with David Cameron, though it doesn't say who interviewed him, strange.
Incidentally it was David Bartletts predecessor Larry Neild a card carrying member of the Labour party who was reporting most of Liverpool's Militant era, wrongly. It was not the local press who found out about the then unofficial council leaders business interests but the Sunday Times, right under the noses of the lazy bastards at the Echo, or where they lazy, was the deceit of the public rife and they accepted they didn't have to report but, make it up, to suit themselves,
    And Lodge Lane still lies in ruins 30 years after the Toxteth Riots.
Joe and Frank are both very close with the Dame of Dereliction Louise Ellman, who now Lords over Toxteth.
In fact, was it not Frank McKenna who was very close with her during those dimly lit Skelmersdale days, that we still dont know exactly what happened and wont as all the local reporters are about 12 and dont have a clue how to do research, or may not be permitted to.
So is Joe Anderson a chubby version of Mike Storey and Warren Bradly, seen here with Mike Hanlon of Maghull Developments, who knocked the facade off Josephine Butler House, in between cocktails. http://liverpoolpreservationtrust.blogspot.com/2009/06/well-its-hahnerman-house-again.html

 Stinky Ink Bartlett, "The Prisoner" writes, well sort of, today on his blog http://blogs.liverpooldailypost.co.uk/dalestreetblues/2010/11/lessons-for-the-republicans-an.html?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+LiverpoolDailyPost-DaleStreetBlues+%28Liverpool+Daily+Post+-+Dale+Street+Blues%29

The local press, The Trinity "Smoking" Mirror Group, need to get their house in order and instead of allowing all the same mistakes to be made again, get their own house in order before they pass judgement on the local political scene.

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