Monday, 10 May 2010

Liverpools Joe Anderson-"We Will Scrap Home Demolitions"

Joe Anderson Liverpools new council leader will make an urgent review of Liverpools HMRI schemes. Warrens War Zones. This is his first pledge in his first interview since wrestling power from the Fib Dem spivs that have been doing more damage than good to Liverpool since siezing power over a decade ago. Cllr Anderson said: “I am hugely proud that we have been given the opportunity to lead this city. But we think the culture of the way this council operates needs to change.”  He said the Labour party would break down bureaucracy and transform the council into an “entrepreneurial organisation”.

“I am hugely proud that we have been given the opportunity to lead this city. I would not change it for any other city in the country.
“It is a massive opportunity to move forward to the next level and build on what has been achieved in the past 12 to 14 years due to the regeneration and investment.
“But we have got to recognise there are huge financial challenges and some difficult decisions to be made.
“I will not shirk from making those decisions.”
Of course we heard all this sort of bluster when Warren Bradley was puppeted into the leaders role after Mike Storey was forced to resign in disgrace.
regeneration of the city’s Boot estate.

“We will run this city for the whole of the city. There are too many parts of this city, too many areas that have been totally let down.
“We have to connect the opportunities that will come to this city for everyone – making sure there are apprenticeships created.
“That is going to be something the city council can lead on and encourage businesses to take on young people.”
Ahead of the local elections Lib-Dem leader Warren Bradley admitted failings in HMRI, saying some areas had been left like war zones.
“We don’t disagree on that,” said Cllr Anderson.
“There has been an inertia that has gripped this city in terms of dealing with many, many things.
“In housing in particular it is as if someone has pressed the pause button. We have the desperate plight of 23,000 on the housing waiting list, and 9,000 of those are classed as being in need.
“So Cllr Bradley was admitting to an astounding failure. It is absolutely obscene that there are 13,000 houses boarded up and 600 people leaving the city each year.
“In order to sustain the city, to protect its infrastructure we have to stop the migration.
“And to do that one of the things we have to do is build social housing and affordable housing.
“I will be urgently reviewing HMRI.
“If necessary we will scrap parts of the proposed demolitions.”
Housing associations have been approached about kick starting the building of affordable homes.

Its all a bit late for Elizebeth Pascoe though.

Meanwhile Warren who created the war-zones is now under pressure to resign.

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