Thursday, 6 May 2010

Liverpools Liberal Democrats-Destroyed the World Heritage Site

Get them out. 47 listed buildings destroyed while the FIB-DEMS have been in power, with so many others awaiting a similar fate. Hundreds more properties are in a perilous situation while the carpet-baggers pick over the carcasses of those that succumb to the neglect. The whole of Liverpool including its WHS will turn into a giant high tensile flat. Whole areas are now blighted with inapropriate developments that make the old look out of place.
Parts of the town centre still look as bad as they did while we have rebranded vthe city as Grosvenor-pool in the eyes of the world.
Parts of Toxteth still look as bad 30 years after the riots as they did during them. And all we hear is spin about how the city has been transformed how wonderful the FIB-DEMS are.
A Busted flush is really what they are and we will have to live with World Heritage disaster while all those "Cosy" developers are in some tax haven with the loot aquired during the binge build years that was Liverpool during the Fib-Dems. And I am not saying Labour would have been better.

Warren Bradley was put there by his mentors Mike Storey and Sir Trevor Jones as a puppet to facilitate the ongoing property developers free for all started by, in my opinion, the Property Developing Spiv, Clever Trevor in the 80s, who was bypassed by Hesseltine who set up the Merseyside Development Authority, that gave us the International Garden Festival,  to bypass the corrupted planning system of the time. I was advised by the regional editor, at the time, of the New Statesman, that his solicitor in the 80s was Rex Makin, who, in my opinion,  seems to have a power in this city that is unwaranted. It was alleged the other day by a learned legal friend of mine that Rex has shares in the Trinity "Smoking" Mirror Group. How very convenient.
Warren even said publicly that the Dame of Dereliction, Doreen Jones who was the chair of the planning committee. She who, by casting votes sent us into world heritage disaster by passing the Mann Island Monsters, amongst many other disasters. Doreen, was little Warrens mentor, he declared it publicly.  He brought back in, Mike Storey who had to resign in disgrace. Where is the culpibility. Warren has far too much power for such little brains. Or am I mistaken, is it the Oligarchs of Liverpool, the ones we dont hear too much about who are the clever ones because they have manipulated this city for decades. Cleaned up. Moved to Chester.
While Louise Ellman and her friends and aqaintances do what they like without effective forces to stop them, or do they want to. Warren Bradley was bezzies with Steve Hurst.

All this while Trintity "Smoking" Mirrors stand by, oh hang on editor Alistair Macrazy says vote labour better the devil you know. Thats the Devil saying vote for the Devil. You just cant win.

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