Thursday, 27 May 2010

Liverpool Daily Post Business Magazine Delayed by a Week.

Shock!! Horror!! What happened, we are all in dismay, has its editor Frank McKenna not made the deadline? Do they not have enough unreserached rubbish to force feed the masses? Are they waiting to try and fill the whole paper with Peel Holdings propaganda. Has Sly "arse" Bailey pulled the plug and said no more crap lets report some factual stories and look into Liverpools corruption and how a Cruise Liner Terminal costing 20 million has been enabled redundant? Or how the Carbuncle Cup winning Ferry Terminal cost 12 million and we still only have a temporary pontoon on which to embark. Or World Heritage Disaster and how Mann Isalnd was destroyed with Thre Black Coffins? How Peel Holdings are asset stripping Liverpool and barging jobs out of the city?

No the truth is, Oldham Echo Delivery Barge broke down with its delivery from the printing presses north of Manchester, winding down Peel Holding's Manchester Ship Canal, and they had to hitch a horse to it.
So its now going to be June 1st before you read the rubbish contained inside it.
They blame a technical hitch.
If the Trinity "Smoking" Mirror Group had not already barged their own Liverpudlians jobs out of the city by making its staff redundant, and if they had kept the printing presses in Liverpool this would not have happened.
Boycott it, dont buy it,  its not worth reading.
 Liverpool Daily Post Todays Chip paper ,Today. 
Well next week.

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    was it worth the wait cut and paste the above link and see for yourself.