Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Museum of Liverpool Contractors Galliford Try Fined for Bid Rigging.

Office of Fair Trading fines construction sector £129m for bid-rigging.
Numerous firms that were working and pricing jobs in Liverpool.
Many of those jobs were from the Objective One European slosh fund.

Ever wondered how much a project costed and thought you could build 5 of them for that price?
Ever thought how it cost 20 million for a concrete Cruise Liner tie up? Or thought, what, 10 million pounds for a ticket desk for a terminal Ferry Carbuncle? Or thought, How much, to build a museum shouldn't that be about half the cost?. I know I have......many times.
I wrote to Colin "Cover Up" Hilton complaining of the amount it was costing to build, what is after all a ticket desk and guess what he was not interested. Considering Mike Storey and Warren Bradley picked him for the job, thats hardly suprising.

So, just how Many Public Projects in the Liverpool binge build years have been overpriced, if any, could we have been fleeced by the cartel of builders bidding for the work? Well it seems there are quite a few questions that need asking. The OFT have fined a load of builders for the illegal practice.
The Contractors of the Carbuncle Museum in the Pier Head have been singled out for Frigging in the Rigging with public financed contracts.

Try Accord Limited (Try Accord) and Galliford Try
Construction Limited (Galliford Construction)
together with their ultimate parent company
Galliford Try plc (Galliford Try)
Try Accord and Galliford
Galliford Construction and
Galliford Try:

See their Liverpool Contracts from their website:
Isn't that a Disgrace. Shouldnt an inquiry be carried out?
Ever wondered why the Oldham Echo and the Daily Ghost, Does not do any work to explore these sort of topics. Are they just lazy, overworked or just oblivious to anything that is going on around them?
Or do they just wait for a call off the Council or the Museums, or Peel Holdings and then print PR plod day in day out.
Trinity "Smoking " Mirrors.

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