Monday, 21 September 2009

Cruise Control-Naval Warfare Breaks Out

This is the original entrance in to Princes Dock. Abandoned and left to rot.
What a disgrace. This dock could have been used to facilitate our growing maritime industry. Instead the jerks filled it in and made it redundant. How were they allowed to get away with this in the world heritage site.
This dock is 50 yards inland from the new Cruise Liner facility, that is now causing such controversy. The Council blaming Southampton for the mess.
They have left a channel for the freshwater barges of which only 6 a day are allowed through. £12,000,000 for six barges a day, hardly worth it, methinks.
£20,000,000 It cost to build a Cruise Liner Facility and they have no customs or baggage handling at the new floating structure. The pontoon for the Mersey Ferry is still a temporary one.
Cock up after Cock up what a Maritime Disaster the City Council are creating.
I posted on Friday about Liverpool blaming Southampton for blocking the plans to turn the Liverpool Naval jetty, that is landlocked in land owned by Peel Holdings into a Customs facility. Meanwhile, another cruise ship comes and goes without one of its passengers spending a penny in my shop. Where do they get these figures from telling us how much each ship adds to the economy. I was contacted by the Southampton Echo who are not owned by Trinity "Smoking" Mirrors Group.
It was apparent that the good people of Southampton knew nothing of the city being blamed for the idiots who run the council not thinking ahead.
However, by coincidence, today Nick Clegg says all councils will be run like Liverpool. God 'elp us. if they get in.
I am emigrating on the first cruise out how scary is that.

So now the news is out and the trading of insults starts, started off by the Daily Post acting as troublemakers and council agents. So now left with no option Southampton retaliate. And the troublemakers at Trinity Mirror have got a kick off.
10 minute man says
I wouldn't park my cruise ship there over night. The next morning it would be up on bricks with the wooden decking stripped off and sold for firewood.It seems that some cities' key skill is sucking money out of the public purse for continuous redevelopment.
Brite Spark Stubbington says
Cruise ship passengers would get fleeced in Liverpool by greedy taxi drivers, on a bad day they might get mugged or forced to go to the Beatles Museum. Southampton is the countries historical cruise liner capital, and the ships belong here.
This sort of garbage is also reciprocated on the Daily Post website with other divvies writing in.
slumdog wrote: Friday last.
We should raise an army amongst the peasants, march on Southampton and sack it! In the meantime we should refer to Southampton as 'Sourhamtin' in order to add to the foment.

Would it not have been common sense to have levelled all these problems out years ago instead of passing the buck?

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