Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Cruise Wars-Liverpool In Deep Water.

Warning! Fog bells ringing.
Trinity "Smoking" Mirror Group lead us into deep water.
And now the whole City of Southampton seems to be against us.
Just why did they start this, Scouse Wedding at Sea?
Why could we not be represented in a fair and proper manner instead of invoking the wrath of Southampton who were just getting on with their Cruise business?
How can the Trinity "Smoking" Mirrors Group ever thought they could get away with this?
Please read the comments there a rather a lot but they say a lot there have been over 200 left on the Southampton Echos website. And 5 or 6 on the Daily Ghosts.
From the Southampton Echo.
Anger at Liverpool port’s plans
8:30am Sunday 27th September 2009
By Will Carson
SOUTHAMPTON’s MPs have vowed to do all in their power to ensure the future of the city’s lucrative cruise industry.As revealed in the Daily Echo, Liverpool and Portsmouth ports have teamed up behind the scenes to lure away Southampton’s cruise business.Liverpool port bosses wrote to Portsmouth seeking their support for controversial plans to allow luxury liners that are currently only able to visit its docks to instead start using it as a base to start and end voyages, known as turnaround cruises.In return they offered their backing for Portsmouth’s own dreams to grow its fledgling cruise operation.Because it was built with £20m of taxpayers’ cash, the plans to alter the use of Liverpool’s cruise terminal at the city’s historic Pier Head – once a gateway for millions of transatlantic passengers – have infuriated Southampton port owner ABP, which has invested £41m in the cruise business here since 2004.Southampton MPs John Denham and Alan Whitehead have responded to the move by holding emergency meetings with Southampton port bosses, as well as scheduling high-level talks with Government transport chiefs.Communities Secretary and Southampton Itchen MP Mr Denham said: “I will be telling the transport minister that everyone accepts that you can’t object to fair competition, but there’s an issue when you say you are going to use public money for one thing but then use it for something else. Competition needs to be fair.”Dr Whitehead, MP for Southampton Test, added: “I will do all in my power to secure the future of cruising in Southampton.”Emails were sent to ports around the UK from Liverpool asking for support – but Southampton says it never received one.Southampton port director Doug Morrison said it showed Liverpool were worried about the competition. He said: “We are concerned that Portsmouth and the likes are in cahoots with Liverpool to try and get one over on Southampton.” MEANWHILE
TWO, WHAT SEEM TO BE, PLANTED LETTERS APPEAR IN THE LIVERPOOL DAILY GHOST LETTERS PAGE . I am always dubious to letters that are sent via e-mail without an address. I would have a little wager that the senders of these letters could not be produced with legitimate addresses and that they don't exist. Trinity "Smoking" Mirrors.
Meanwhile Peter Elson cruises on, oblivious to the fuss in Southampton.
Today he is writing about the need for the Navy to get more canon chaff fodder out of Liverpool by using the Cruise Liner Jetty as a Naval facility to help them recruit.
A question that has not been asked is how much do the Navy pay for the use of the jetty to tie up their ships, surely the MOD factored this, into the use of the facility.
Here is the further proof of childish pathetic writing from Larry Bartlett that got us in these Cruise Wars in the first place.
And here is some decent writing that is worth a read; from Correspondent entitled Oldham Echo, Fight Arranger.

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