Tuesday, 15 September 2009

A Giant TV Screen in the World Heritage Site.

Well its Laura Davis turn today, the baton keeps getting passed around, all the Ghost staff are taking turns to promote Liverpool Museums on behalf of the managing editor.
Pic showing this years National Carbuncle Cup winner http://liverpoolpreservationtrust.blogspot.com/2009/08/liverpool-wins-carbuncle-cup.html the Terminal Ferry Building, designed to be Son of Museum, and next years potential winner of the Carbuncle Cup. The architects of the Terminal Ferry Building, said it was meant to match, they had designed it that way. Liverpool's World Heritage Site destroyed.

We have always said that the new museum looks like a giant TV screen.......not meant as a compliment....and blimey they go and make it into one. This time its for a film, On the Waterfront, starring Marlon Brando, The powerful story of trade unionism, corruption and racketeering....wait a minute it sounds like how they got the plans passed.

This Fib-Dem Council Press Release from the Daily Ghost acting as agents for the Daily Museum and Liverpool Council is meant to throw the limelight off the TUC conference which is opening at the "Echo Arena" isn't that strange a Trade Union conference in a building with the name of the Echo outside.
Trinty Mirror who own the Echo have just laid off thousands, and sent its printing press out of the city to Oldham, just leaving a bunch of pen pushers to promote the council. It does not seem quite right, somehow it looks double standards. Larry "The Lamb" Neild was the Union Rep he jumped ship, and he is now working for a terrible PR company October Communications who were employed to promote the Pier Head Decimation by NML and the NWDA and Liverpool Vision. How times change.
Son of Larry, David Bartlett the new Milky Bar Kid on the block, appears to be carrying on the molar chomping tradition. Even giving Clever Trevor Jones a tumultuous send off. It seems he too will do anything to get in Reximillions good books.
The Birmingham Post has just gone weekly which is also owned by Trinity "Smoking" Mirrors Group. It must be difficult times at the Oldham Hall Street Offices.
But maybe if they worked harder and stopped printing such parochial dross more people would buy the paper. The World Heritage Site has been destroyed while they look the other way.
Well overpriced at 60 pence, at present, the only thing its good for is chips, that is, unless you are a PR company feeding them, that is.

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