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Cruise Wars-Scouse Wedding at Sea started by Trinity "Smoking" Mirrors.

In retaliation to the childish rubbish in the Liverpool press the Southamptom Echo says:

Northerners might prefer to join ship closer to home
2:00pm Friday 25th September 2009
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THE man with his hand on the tiller of the UK’s largest cruise fleet has embraced the idea of Liverpool becoming a fully fledged cruising rival to Southampton.
Carnival UK chief executive David Dingle said a “turnaround port” in Liverpool, which could take a slice of Southampton’s lucrative cruise industry, would be an interesting proposition.
He suggested many of the hundreds of thousands of cruise passengers who make the journey down to Southampton would prefer setting sail closer to home.
Any relocation of cruise liners to Liverpool would cause a dent in Southampton’s economy worth millions and threaten jobs.
Liverpool is presently a calling port for just a handful of cruise ships while around 300 ships and one million passengers used Southampton last year to start and end their voyages.
In an interview as chairman of European Cruise Council, Mr Dingle said he was “confused” why Liverpool had invested in port facilities for calling ships as it wasn’t, on the whole, attractive as a “way port”. To base ships in Liverpool made more economic sense, he said.
“The big opportunity is as a turnaround port for people who live in the north of England to start and end their cruise,” he said.
“The only slight concern then is that if you are on southbound cruises, the steaming time to say Gibraltar or the Canaries – the points when you really hit the sunshine – is a bit longer, but some people are happy to trade that off against the convenience of getting on their ship in Liverpool.
“Manchester is 35 miles from Liverpool – it’s over 200 miles to Southampton. It’s got to be of interest, hasn’t it?”
Civic leaders and Southampton port owners ABP, which has invested £41m in the cruise business in the city since 2004, including the new £19m Ocean Terminal, are objecting to a bid by Liverpool City Council to get full turnaround status for its £20m taxpayer funded cruise liner terminal. Liverpool needs Government approval as European funding was used to build it.
A spokesman for Carnival said it had no plans at present to relocate ships from Southampton.
“Southampton is the home port of Carnival UK and we have no plans to move our operations.
“We are greatly invested in the city with Carnival House recently opening to home 1,300 employees and a new 20 year contract with ABP Southampton, which has seen the opening the purpose built Ocean Terminal.”
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But Son of Larry Neild David Bartlett plagiarises in typical scouse wedding fashion.

You've got to admire Southampton and the way they have jumped to defend their port business.
In fact the level of ferocity of anti-Liverpool sentiment that has been stoked up betrays the fact that Southampton is genuinely worried.
And so it should be. When you look at what Liverpool has to offer compared to Southampton, there is no comparison.
Liverpool is the Capital of Pop. Our artists have produced more number one hits than those from any other town or city. The Beatles are our most famous export.
Southampton's most famous musical export is probably Craig David - unless you count Benny Hill. He hit the top spot in 1971 with Ernie (Fastest Milkman in the West).
Liverpool is the most filmed British city outside London with credits including: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Sherlock Holmes, 51st State, The Hunt for Red October, Nowhere Boy, In the Name of the Father, Letter to Brezhnev, Backbeat and Priest.
The One Show once filmed a feature in Southampton called 'Why ice is slippy'. The city was the location for an HSBC training video.
Liverpool FC are the most successful club in British history, with 18 league championships, five European cups, three UEFA cups, seven FA cups and seven league cups. Everton have competed in the top flight a record 107 seasons and won the league nine times, the FA Cup five times and a European trophy (Cup Winners Cup).
Southampton FC have won the FA Cup. Once.
Liverpool was the European Capital of Culture in 2008 and has been a UNESCO World Heritage City since 2004. The city has 2,500 listed buildings and 250 public monuments - including the largest collection of Grade II listed buildings outside London. Liverpool Cathedral is the largest in the country.
Southampton has the world's oldest bowls green.
I suppose what's galling about this is the way stereotypical anti-Liverpool comments start getting bandied about.
Take Gareth Williams, business editor of Southampton's Daily Echo:
"Looking south with envious green eyes, dock chiefs drooled over Southampton's cruise business, the jewel in the city's crown and, to paraphrase children's favourite Burglar Bill, said: "I'll have that"...
"The Liver Bird that now aims to fly away with that hard-won title on wings feathered with public funds should find instead only shame stuck in its craw."
The implicit undertone of this is: "Look these thieving Scousers want to come along and nick what is rightly ours."
A quick check of Southampton Port website reveals there are four cruise terminals. Liverpool has one on its waterfront.
Liverpool's Pier Head terminal has 16 cruise ships visiting this year, Southampton has 300.
Yes Liverpool is great, which is why they are so worried down in the Hampshire.
But the truth is the two locations are not in competition. Liverpool is capturing business for the UK that was previously not coming here.
And before we let Southampton get too carried away about "abuse of state aid", let's look at the history of Associated British Port which owns the city's port.
Associated British Ports started life as The British Transport Docks Board (BTDB) when it was established as a body corporate under the Transport Act 1962.
So yes the tax payer helped Southampton establish its dominant position.
Oh, and now it is "a limited liability company domiciled and incorporated in Jersey", to me and you that's a low tax jurisdiction.
So a company complaining about unfair state aid does not even pay taxes here.
David Swift said:
Liverpool landed the first punch in a fight which did not and should not exist. Since Southampton were unaware of what was coming their way the punch was below the belt. This does nothing for the reputation of our city. No wonder we got the stereotypical anti-scouser response. This has got nothing to do with the cultural merits or otherwise of each city - it isn't a beauty contest, it's about MONEY. If Peel are so confident of the cruise liner trade then just pay back the £20 million grant aid and get the turnaround facility. As for tax exiles, I believe John Whittaker lives in the Isle of Man.
September 25, 2009 4:45 PM
Ronnie de Ramper said:
Liverpool has been whining about Southampton for over 100 years, ever since the White Star Line quit the city for the south in 1907. And the tone of the complaint hasn't matured either. In 1924 at the Empire Exhibition, Liverpool trumpeted its 'natural superiority' over Southampton to anyone who would listen. Increasingly no one did: people were tired of Liverpool's puffed-up special pleading even then. (source: Belchem's Liverpool 800) And here we go again, attacking another city because Liverpool hasn't got its act together. If 300 cruises stop at Southampton, but merely 16 at Liverpool, this hasn't happened by chance; it's happened by choice - including passenger choice. Southampton has a better integrated reception system, not just a pretty view; it's much nearer London; and its smaller tidal range allows easier docking. I doubt Southampton would object to Liverpool winning its share of a growing cruise market by fair competition. But first, Liverpool should learn to compete fairly, not indulge in horrible displays of civic jingoism and crass name-calling. It didn't work in 1907 nor in 1924. And it won't work now - unless of course Liverpool is doomed to repeat the mistakes that led to its decline.
September 25, 2009 6:48 PM

Prof said:
David, I totally agree with Ronnie. Are you sure Paddy didn't write this as one of his spoofs? It looks to me that we provoked the tirade of anti Liverpool comments and I have to ask is it wise or productive to now start insulting the whole of Southampton because they didn't produce the Beatles and then list all those tired old football missed out two cathedrals. We are supposed to be presenting Liverpool as re-born not just hoing on and on about the Beatles and football.
I think you will find that Benny Hill is loved and admired internationally, it is only poe-faced political correctness who focussed on the admitted decline into the more "seaside postcard" element that overnight saw him taken off the telly and yet The Two Ronnies and the like are equally guilty of sexual sterotypes and dirty old men. Benny Hill was a very clever and gifted writer and comedian but somebody decided he went out of date and to show how right-on we all are many people agreed. So we now end up with Little Britain.
If Benny Hill had been from Liverpool, we would have a Fred Scuttle day with the Mayor leading all the councilors through town walking fast in a line to the Yakety Sax theme tune, chasing Sonia in a French maid outfit.
But on a more serious note this kind of exchange between cities can be so destructive so don't be surprised the next time some "Scouser / Liverpudlian / Liverpolitan" gets bottled in a Southampton pub when they hear his accent or some poor sod from Southampton get's battered here by a bunch of jingoistic morons, we need to think is this the cultural level we wish to promote?
This is down to LiverPeel not Liverpool

So the Oldham Echo and its sickly sister the Daily Ghost have adopted the principle of the Welsh National football team by kicking this off, and in the words of their then coach. "We used to always try to equalise first".

Only sometimes as in this instance Liverpools Naval barrage backfires big time, and I for one would prefer that the spivs and its press facility who run the city dont behave in my name in this pathetic manner.

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