Monday, 14 September 2009

A Dodo goes on Display at Liverpools World Museum

Written by the Daily Ghosts very own Dodo, I said Dodo, Alan Weston. Who is now charged with promoting the Daily Museum, and according to him. A big bird skeleton goes on view. So has David Fuzzy Felt Fleming, who once described most museum curators as dysfunctional characters, been stuffed. Unfortunately, it appears not. There is a distinct likeness to the big bird, with a similar beak, but I can confirm its not Liverpool's museum marauder. Flemo, who is off shortly on a freebie with Richard Benjamin for a cruise on the QMII.
Telling the world how we in Liverpool are all sons of slavers to further his own career.
And of course the first thing he will do, unlike the poor Dodo which was once hunted by idiot museum directors, which is the reason its extinct, is fly away when he has done the damage, when he has finished robbing Peter to pay Paul with museum funds. We have at Liverpool, but a skeleton of the Institution we once held dear. Flemo Quote, from the Museum Insider " Having been occupied by two of the most destructive totalitarian regimes in recent history. The Museum of Genocide Victims in Vilnius is brilliant". Just how can you say a museum of genocide is brilliant. Maybe he can relate to a tin pot dictator running roughshod over the people who he rules.
Despite an expensive study being carried out to tell him what any kid with a calculator could have worked out, that it would cost 1.2 million to move one museum storage facility and the land that it was on,was worth errr, 1.2 million. But he just had to spend £30,000 of our money to have that confirmed. to try to raise more funds for the White Elephant-on-Sea now being constructed slap bang on the world heritage site.
Hey, but he is right on, spending another small fortune on a race relations advisor, he has now come up with lists of words that cant be used in the museum.
As if his staff, are not responsible people, he has gone bonkers and banned a list of terms and words that cant be muttered in the hallowed museum turf. He has to be out of control, all the staff must have an opinion, well those that he has not cut, and apart from the loyal servants like Julie Ealing who he poached from the Bluecoat, another destroyed institution, where he is on the board.
But the biggest museum legacy will of course be our very own big White Dodo on the Waterfront. X marks the spot alright. An Ugly Big Bird from Denmark that will never look any different, despite the PR machine trying to tell us 'we will like it one day' and 'its like an ugly duckling', what a joke, more like a bat out of hell. So what will they say about it, well if its still there in 30 years time. If it has not fallen apart, or its not under water after they ignored all the flood risks.
Squat and fat and ugly just like the Dodo, always out of place in a waterfront of, what once was beauty, that is now disfigured by carbuncles, the land at Mann Island was hunted down by wicked developers, as a token of its binge build for the sake of it era, its design a throwback to the 60s, its design evolution a Oscar Nemeyer rip off, was already extinct and 40 years out of date before it was finished.
Some Dodo does,need shooting and stuffing for this mess and it is very Fuzzy indeed.

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