Friday, 12 August 2011

Warren's War Zones Ignite.

The looters were out in force, one got a plasma screen, one got a set of dining chairs, one a dirty movie, and another got a duck house, and not one of them had a hood on.
Just what is wrong with society when thieves are operating right in front of your noses and stealing from their own......... and they are the very Members of Parliament that were elected to stop theft, to protect us?.
Where has the respect gone?

What is wrong with society when the Police are taking back'anders off the corrupted press?

What is wrong with society when Matrix officers are sacked by the Merseyside Police for having a total disrespect for the people, be they goodies or hoodies, that they represent?.
What is wrong with society when a City Council destroys its own people's hopes by creating blight in whole swathes of Toxteth, Anfield, Norris Green etc, etc? Degenerating huge swathes of the city.

What is wrong with society when our own city council by its own leaders admission creates "War Zones" while some of his councillor buddies are coining it?
While others are dole-ing out millions of pounds of European Objective One funds, y'know the billion pounds that we had to enable us to clean up those "Inner Cities" after the Toxteth Riots of 81.
While its alright for a Council to destroy a neighbourhood such as the Welsh Streets, its certainly not if you live there and are at the end of your wits, watching your father duck and dive because he hasn't got a job and has no prospect of one, got the wrong postcode and no education.
Never got an apprenticeship, never got a look in on the billion pounds that went into a new museum on the waterfront and blocks of flats that you cant live in.
What happens when you can't afford to shop in Grosvenor-pool, that was looted from the people of Liverpool, err I mean given away to a lovely Duke to add to his already sizable fiefdom?
What happens when your MP is a hopeless waste of time.

Well I don't condone any of the violence that were called riots, by the local press to sensationalize it all.
Correspondent calls it a distortion of the facts.
Most of the local press are about 12 years of age, and they got a chance in life, what do they know of poverty, some of them even went out of the office this week.
But they don't have to get "sussed" everytime they go out for a new sim card. Blame the parents, blame the schools. Blame anyone but yourself at Trinity "Smoking" Mirrors of Oldham Hall Street, filling pages with rubbish about how we are in a new dawn, a new age of prosperity spoon fed through from PR people such as Jon Egan and Larry Nield. While ignoring the true situation.
What of the vandals of 6 Sir Thomas Street or Josephine Butler House in Hope Street. 
Are they no better than thugs?          

I have already written on these pages of my own experiences during the Toxteth Riots.
My current adjacent shopkeeper owned the newsagents in Granby Street where it all started.
You would have had to have been there believe the state of Toxteth with decades of neglect. Why is it still a War Zone 30 years later?

So the so called rioters attacked Lawrence Road, believe me this is a poor area and why?

Why didn't the FibDems invest in the area, instead of creating War Zones, now on fire, in Toxteth, that, Ironically Warren Bradley the ex FibDm Council leader, who is a fireman and drives an appliance, would have been called to put out.
Did he actually extinguish the burnt out car in Princes Avenue in the picture above?

What happens for the future, Joe Anderson has to condemn the lost causes on the streets the other night that the Police sorted out (In reality it rained like stink).

Yes I would like to put most of them over my knee and tan their arses, but you know what would be better.......give the poor hopeless bastards a job, let them train as a joiner or a bricklayer so they can gain some self respect, so it never happens again. 

How can we respect hem if they don't respect themselves.

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