Thursday, 23 June 2011

The Lyceum Bold Street Liverpool-How Can They Do This To Our Grand Old Lady.

Yes its a Whopper alright. A ten foot giant Burger King Hamburger.
The sort of tacky advertising that is now all too familiar in Liverpool. There is nobody to police it and in it creeps.
 So everywhere looks the same as everywhere else.
I stopped dead in my tracks when I saw it yesterday stuck on to a tinny looking building as part of Central Station just over the way from Clayton Square, remember that area that the Hatton administration allowed to be built,even though it meant knocking down an area of historical importance, a Georgian area of intimate design which had been part of our history. It was alleged that Derek Hatton was also acting as a consultant for the builders of Clayton Square. There were things everyone in Liverpool alleged except the local press. The Sunday Times ultimately did a big expose on him and his business interests while the Daily Ghost reported, what they, said, and some time later. Somethings never change down at Oldham Hall Street. Now the City Council call developers stakeholder partners and run off in a lovers embrace with the purveyors of out of town shopping arcades who want to trash the World Heritage Site.
Joe Anderson should learn a lesson from history.
So here I am standing at the corner of Bold Street looking at the building that Marcus Binney of SAVE Britains Heritage claims as one of their greatest successes.  
Anthony Quinn, originally from Liverpool who wrote his book, The Rescue Man about the changing face of Liverpool during the Blitz, and how a rescue man, a firefighter lamented the loss.
He also told me how he was inspired by how sad he felt when he saw the disaster that was Casey Street being bulldozed.
" It was just there one day and then gone the next".
It was a Conservation area, that didn't stop the City Council trashing it overnight.

So what of a listed building such as the Lyceum and its Whopper.
 My understanding is that anything that affects the setting of a listed building needs a planning application.
So is it alright to put a giant Whopper next to one, well it seems so in Liverpool. A historical Neo Classical one by Thomas Harrison of Chester.
Marcus Binney and those at SAVE should work a little harder to really, SAVE what they have, well SAVED  really.
Its alright coming here, with their eccentrics such as Evelyn Cook of the Nemesis Republic blog in tow, doing glossy exhibitions with expensive catalogues. 
But what about the Whopper.
I wrote about the way the planners had passed plans top carbuncle-ise the Lyceum, does anyone care.
Least of all Steve "Ronnie" Corbet of Liverpool's joke of a Conservation office.

So sometimes I feel like I am just wasting my time.

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