Friday, 3 June 2011

Liverpool Mercantile and Maritime City, What A Joke!

What a complete and utter mess we had a billion pounds of European cash and what did it get us.

A shopping centre at Grosvenor-pool and a ruined Pier Head. pic John Whittaker courtesy of Southampton Echo
Today Bobby Bartlett at The Daily Ghost reminds us what a shambolic state of affairs this is.

He says;
A LEADING cruise company boss said the company had pulled its liners out of Liverpool because the city had failed to "get their act together".

The ECHO and Post revealed last year how Fred Olsen Cruise Lines was pulling out of the city, despite practically selling out 7,700 berths on nine cruises in 2010.
Nigel Lingard, the marketing director of Fred Olsen, specifically pointed out Liverpool was not included while launching the company’s new 2012-13 brochure.
He said: "They still haven’t got their act together, so we are pulling out."
Liverpool council is currently lobbying the government to win the city the right to establish a full cruise liner terminal, allowing trips to start and finish on the River Mersey.

All the comments waffle on about all the same brainwashed stuff about Southampton blocking the use of the Cruise Liner Jetty as a going concern. Liverpool will be blocked from using this by European legislation on unfair competition rules that the Fib-Dem spivs who commissioned it thought they could ignore. And Peel want to build a facility in the proposed Liverpool convenient to have it not working!

Remember this was the same paper who proclaimed how wonderful it was that we had a new Cruise Turnaround Facility................without researching the facts, without revealing that Peel Holdings still own the road that leads to the jetty. 

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