Friday, 17 June 2011

Legal row hangs over Liverpool museum launch-Building Design Magazine.

Second architect prepares for museum client’s court action. I have printed some of the article courtesy of BD mag as it is subscription.

A fresh legal row involving the architects behind the £72 million Museum of Liverpool project is threatening to overshadow its opening in four weeks’ time.
National Museums Liverpool (NML) is poised to launch legal action against the firm it drafted in to complete the project, Manchester practice AEW, after last month beginning proceedings against original architect 3XN, which it kicked off the job in 2007.
Although a spokesman for the museum stressed “it has not issued legal proceedings” against AEW, BD understands the practice is preparing to defend itself in court.
This follows a row last year between the two parties that saw AEW successfully recoup £500,000 in unpaid fees.
AEW declined to comment, but both disputes are thought to centre on how much the museum claims it is allegedly owed because of delays to the project, which bosses originally hoped would be partly finished in time for the city’s stint as European Capital of Culture back in 2008.
The scheme has since missed a series of deadlines and will be only three-quarters complete when it opens on July 19. A second phase will open by November.
Broadcaster Gillian Reynolds, who was on the board of the museum’s trustees for seven years until her resignation over a separate issue in 2008, said she was “not surprised” by the legal rumpus and said NML was partly to blame for the scheme running late.
It also emerged this week that 3XN had issued a counterclaim in its dispute with NML.
Principal Kim Nielsen admitted the spat centred on how much each allegedly owed each other. He said the case had not reached the courts yet and added: “I expect it will be sorted out amicably.”

Last week a ceiling collapsed at the new museum, one month before opening and a worker was taken to hospital. It is never going to be ready.

 How does Fuzzy Felt Flemming keep getting away with wasting millions for Fleminigs Folly.
Why does someone at the audit commission or at the DCMS look into his wasteful approach to building his Grand Design.
If a normal person went ahead like this they would be bankrupt. It started off as £21 million and is to cost well how long is a piece of string really its at £80 million now and rising. 
pic Rome MAXXI well they look the same dont they

BD keeps sniffing out the news on behalf of Liverpool's tax paying public, who are funding this mess, they have obviously spoke to the builders.
Another Architect with legal action.

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