Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Liverpool Daily Post-What Price A Free Lunch?

Bill Gleeson in the civilised privacy of the Athenaum being entertained by Jon Egan and Bill Le Breton of the marketing company, the then, October Communications, now Aurora Media.
This was May 4th 2005 just as all the frenzy to develop the Pier Head was in full swing.
This was the company employed by Neptune Developments, the NWDA, Liverpool Vision, the Liverpool City Council and who knows who else to market the destruction of the Pier Head.
Shortly after this article came out Gleeson would wax lyrical about how wonderful the Mann Island Development (Three Black Coffins) would be for Liverpool proclaiming that it will be beneficial for jobs, it will be Iconic and all the usual spoon fed rubbish that we heard about it from him and the likes at the Daily Post and Echo. I have kept all his words.
I recall writing to him telling him he had got it wrong and I would remind him one day.........he never replied to me, far too busy...... lunching in the oh so, civilised privacy of the Atheneaum.
It cant be that civilised if they let these three characters in for a free lunch.
The facts are/is they were also doing a marketing job for the Atheneum gentleman's club, oh no, they let ladies in now.
So right through 2005, 2006 and 2007 we had to fight this onslaught of PR everyday, papped up as news.
I kept wondering why common sense does not prevail and why are these conflicting stories coming in the paper.
Larry Neild who I though I was working with, not against us, propagated the term cheese wedges, y'know a bit like the Gerkin, make them seem friendly and likable.
He then left the Daily Post to go and work for October Communications...........I lost all respect for him at that moment.
So what price a free lunch?
I am reliably informed Mark Thomas was entertained by Peel Holdings recently and we all know how much "plumping" there has been for them recently.
I think that the slight of hand that is taking place at the local papers is a disgrace.
A travesty to the intelligence of the public.
Well a con, really, one big almighty con.
All packaged up as news items and good will stories. What you don't know can harm you.
They were not going to print the Unesco story last week because it came from me.
It is a shame that they don't apply the same criteria to their mates who have left the paper and now feed "plumpers" to the editors with alarming irregularity.
Take today  http://www.liverpooldailypost.co.uk/liverpool-news/regional-news/2011/06/21/special-preview-of-60m-new-brighton-marine-point-scheme-in-wirral-gallery-92534-28911692/ and this rubbish about a building going up in New Brighton...by guess who, Neptune Developments.
Where did this news item come from? Well whether it was Larry Neild or not we don't care, its wrong, and disrespectful to the public, who, used to buy the paper. Why does this awful building warrant a full page and its the same set up that we were fed for the Three Black Coffins.
And a disgrace to journalism.
There are people I respect at Trinity "Smoking" Mirrors but it really is in my opinion, a screen these days and appears to be, in my opinion, run by the likes of Jon Egan and Frank McKenna.

All you there at the Daily Post and Echo did you join your profession to do advertorials for Peel Holdings who are about to destroy whats left of the WHS, and, or, Neptune Developments who along with Liverpool Museums and Miserytravel have destroyed the Pier Head.

You may not like me for saying it, but, unfortunately, Its seems you did.

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