Monday, 27 June 2011

21 Madryn Street-The House That SAVE Britains Heritage, Have, Foolishly, Bought.

"They don't make them like they used to" was a saying I used to hear from workers all the time.
"Thank God I used to say some old houses are only good for the bulldozers".
It takes someone who has restored property to make a statement like that, not some middle class mummy's boy with a silver spoon hanging out of their chin.
Who think they understand architecture because they have read about it in a book, or because some dimwit who has manoeuvred themselves into a position with the local Civic Society says so.
There is an old saying "Any fool can write a book, but it takes a man to hang a door"
I prescribe to this line of thought.

This building click on the pic to enlarge 21 Madryn Street has been bought by SAVE Britains Heritage to waste our taxpayers money on fighting for its ownership so they can claim to be the saviours of society and show the city council, who are twassers, up.
So lets look at it.
It has to be the worst piece of architecture I have seen and having restored over a hundred buildings and surveyed many, many others I think I have an idea what I am talking about.
I didn't read about architecture in a book because I was born with a shovel in my mouth that someone said "there you go, there's your start in life go and dig yourself a hole".
There was no middle class upbringing for me. I just tell it straight because I can hang a door and put on a roof and I mean build one not just slate it, and plumb a house though that's only a semi skilled job.
I was there when the Toxteth Riots were on working in the area, restoring properties for poor people to live in....because we had nothing else to offer in Toxteth.

This has to be the most godawful house I have ever seen it has been rebuilt with rubbish cheap brick in the 70s. It has lost all of its windows and even has a precast concrete lintel instead of its original brick arch and its front is a dog. There is no other way to describe it.

Hey but SAVE Britains Heritage have bought it......clever people those SAVE bods.

Whats more they claim to have someone living there there should be laws against this in the 21st century isnt Rackman dead.

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