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Mann Island Nominated For Building Designs Carbuncle Cup Award.

Its that time of the year again when Liverpool's Binge Builders wake up with a hangover and cringe. click here
Matt Brook the poor excuse for an Architect. He of World Heritage disaster at Mann Island will have to accept the prize there can be no other more worthy winner for the 2011 Carbuncle Cup award than the atrocious Three Black Coffins built by Broadway Malyan for Neptune Developments.
They promised us Iconic and give us Ichronic, an anachronism of bad design plonked bang slappo in the world heritage site despoiling the best views of Liverpool, cherished views, they turn Liverpool's World Heritage Site into World Heritage S*ite.
There is no other way to describe it.
It is like giving a pretty girl a black eye and then knocking her teeth out and then saying now you cant smile anymore.
The Terminal Ferry Building was well accepted as a worthy winner in 2009.
Is it just my opinion, I think not.

This is what Amanda Baillieu editor of BD said at the time.
Liverpool Ferry Terminal wins Carbuncle Cup 2009

28 August 2009
By Amanda Baillieu

Despite strong competition from a record number of entries, this year’s winning building by Belfast-based Hamilton Architects is a shining example of bad architecture and bad planning

This year architecture’s only prize for sheer downright ugliness has seen a record number of entries: buildings so drab, hostile, or puffed up with their own self-importance they made you queasy, angry and depressed.

Many of you wailed at opportunities lost, egos gone unchecked, or sheer downright laziness, while others wanted the prize to go not simply to the architect but to the clients and the local authority that waved these hideous schemes through planning.

The winner is the building that shows how bad architecture and bad planning can combine to produce something truly awful — a building so ugly it can turn human flesh to stone or at the very least make grown men cry.
These arguments only got going when it came to deciding an order for the final three: Make’s Amenity building for Nottingham University, Belfast-based Hamilton Architects’ Ferry Terminal in Liverpool and Queen Margaret University campus, Lothian by Dyer Associates.
In the end the three judges, BD’s buildings editor Ellis Woodman, BD columnist and critic Owen Hatherley and architect Sean Griffiths of Fat were split between the Nottingham and Liverpool buildings.
Both buildings are appalling, they said, but after much deliberation they decided that, given the damage inflicted by the ferry terminal on what is a Unesco world heritage site, it was the more worthy recipient.
“It is such an amazing site, directly in front of the Three Graces, but the architects seem barely to have noticed. It is like letting a bad second-year student build next to St Peter’s,” said the judges despairingly.
“This is bad patronage by an ignorant council which thinks having jazzy architecture is putting the city on the map again.”
Completed this summer by Hamilton Architects (not to be confused with Hamiltons) the £9.5 million building incorporates ferry operations, a Beatles museum and a rooftop restaurant. It is cantilevered on two sides and clad in limestone to complement the new Liverpool Museum next door.
“The architect evidently once looked at a Zaha building in a magazine,” said the judges. “It is essentially a horrible sectional idea that has been extruded like a stick of rock. The long elevations couldn’t be more tedious, the Dr Caligari end facades no more grotesque. When you go there you think: oh no, I can’t believe they’ve done that. Even the SAVE eccentric Evelyn Cook had a go under the Nemesis "Banana" Republic blogspot.

Mark Thomas did like the Terminal Ferry Carbuncle though he had to print this in his errr, paper.

I don't think they will find anyone to hug these ugly bleeders in Mann Island like they did for One Park Gone West.  Our placid friends at Seven Streets had their say. To read some parts you may have to register.
Here are the links to the BD website

This is what I said with my nomination.

Citation: “Just what have they done! If there was a plan to build three giant Black Coffins across The Taj Mahal or the Pyramids imagine the world outrage.

“This eyesore is in Liverpools World Heritage Site and obscures what was my most cherished view of my city. Even worse when you consider this obliteration was the view on the front cover of every book and postcard of Liverpool.”

What do you think?

And it really is worth remembering just what it looked like before the morons destroyed our best views.

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