Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Museum of Liverpool-Next To Our Three Gently Ageing Edwardian Beauties...They Stick A Trashy Tart.

For 100 years the guardians of Liverpool The Three Graces the Port of Liverpool Building, The Cunard Building and the Liver Building have watched over us, and kept us proud.
The previous generation that left us a World Heritage Site on par with the Taj Mahal, Stone Henge and the Pyramids could feel proud.
These Three Graces, even to be mentioned in the same terms as Canova's Sculpture, have shown the pride we had in our city. Through all the darkened days of the blitz they stood there as a proud symbol of defiance to the Germans who bombed the gubbings out of us.
100 years later and we get a World Heritage Site and the morons who run the city do more damage than Herman Goering's squadrons and pillage the very thing that made us great...........our identity.
They promised us Iconic and give us Ichronic.
We have watched, well, we at the LPT have fought, while, the WHS has been carbunculated to a mere shadow of itself.
While the dodgy and corrupted councillors did backroom shady deals with their mates, they spived our spirit away. They sold our skyline.
What good is all the money in the world if you sell your soul, and we have lost the soul of our city.

We now today have the New Wacky Warehouse-on-Sea opening today with the same sort of Liverpool Daily Ghost and Oldham Echo that we have become accustomed to....trash reporting, give them a bit of crepe paper and they can get a thousand words out of it.
To think we once had educated editors who helped to shape our skyline.........that was until this bunch of amateurs who take their instructions from whatever PR company or dodgy lobby group that sponsors them came along.
So the new museum opens today, roll the carpets, unfurl the flags, the fanfares, pages of press.

 The reality is that this is a tacky development plagued with controversy badly run over budget and in the wrong place..and its a sad day for Liverpool.
Combined with its three ugly sisters "the Black Coffins" at Mann Island, part of the same scheme, it really is like giving a pretty girl a black eye and knocking her teeth out and then saying "Smile isn't she pretty".

But you don't have to believe it if you don't want to, the local press Trinity "Smoking" Mirror Group don't.


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    BD Carbuncle cup nomination

  4. Here's a reminder of what we have lost. As if you need reminding...