Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Museum of Liverpool-Kim Nielson of 3XN Defends His Design.

Well is it his design?
This is a picture of the Rome MAXXI that opened more than a year ago.
Much has been made of how a so called original Scandanavian design may not be the best design for wrapping around a Museum of Liverpool Life.

But here we see its not even an original concept.
Is it a plagarism of a Zaha Hadid museum?
It certainly looks like that to me.

The World Heritage Site bastardised for a museum that looks like a rip off of another museum..........Very clever.

Building Design Magazine have taken a big interest in the museum since, well, Will Alsops glass pie in the sky really.

They collar-ed Kim Nielson the sacked architect
who is not now sacked, and asked him about his Museum.

It is only a couple of minutes long but it may be worth listening to Mr Nielson of 3XN.

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