Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Is The Liverpool Daily Post and Echo Owned by Peel Holdings?

 This is today's front page of the Daily Ghost.
Yesterday I pulled the exclusive away from the Daily Post and give it to BBC Northwest and ITV Granada Reports, to which David Bartlett phoned me quite annoyed saying
"You promised me the front page, we were going to do the front page"
"I cant trust your editor Mark Thomas" I said to him.
And today you can see why.
On his watch we have seen the world heritage site be carbunculated, I have to take my hat off to him, he does get it wrong consistently.
He uses the old October communications term "we don't want the WHS pickled in aspic" well its he and his crew who should be pickled in aspic for allowing the cities best assets to be run riot over by carpet-bagging vultures, leaving us a mess.
 The people are fed up with the press, I was made aware of how many lunches Mark Thomas, may, have had with Peel Holdings. 
Why do you have one man and a couple of his oppos able to dictate news on behalf of his friends in high places at Peel Holdings.
So the true colours are now well and truly nailed to the mast. Peel Holding colours.
Peel are shipping the docks to Salford, I did not see a fight against that by the DP. 
There should be laws against that.
One senior journalist told me of Mark Thomas, regarding the editors, close links to Peel Holdings,
"Oh its gone on for two hundred years"
"Yes I said and look what happened to the News of the World  exposed as a parasitic mess".  

 Today the Daily Post opinion is as pathetic as ever, dear I say gutter level.
 I doubt if anyone at the Ghost has even read Stephen Bonds independent report for English Heritage on Liverpool Waters.

Anyway this is what we have Mark, in the WHS...........and its on your watch.

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