Thursday, 21 July 2011


I expected a whole day dedicated to the opening of the New Museum but not a day dedicated to slagging off the Liver Buildings.

I was just getting out of my car when the crusty old ‘Soft Alec’ Stephen Guy of Liverpool Museums proclaimed, on air, there was all this controversy, when they built the Liver Buildings a hundred years ago. What a silly man. Then it was all over TV on BBC Northwest.

I don’t know how many times on air I have told Roger Philips that there is no evidence for this rumour designed to justify the new museum.

Stephen Guy who was a journalist, who covered the Miss Morecambe Beauty Competition at the Midland Hotel in the dark days when Miss World was big, is employed by Liverpool Museums as a press officer along with Claire Ryder and Dicky Bird (yes that is the name he goes under) to slag off the Liver Buildings, to justify the fact that next to our three gently ageing Edwardian Beauties, they stick a trashy tart.

A museum of Liverpool designed by a Danish Architect with no place in its current setting.

This propagation of untruths with only one scrap of evidence that Sir Charles Reilly the architect did not like it has now been said so many times on the BBC this last couple of days that people are going to believe it and that’s job done for those people who get paid to propaganda us.

There was no huge controversy, and the BBC should produce evidence, if it is to be a propaganda merchant for Liverpool Museums who are slagging off the Liver Buildings, simply, for a way of justifying the awful carbuncle they have built us, in the World Heritage Site, that should never have been allowed.
Henry Owen John of English Heritage says the same rubbish.
Cllr Paul Brant said something similar last week on BBC Northwest.
You see, they believe that by saying you hated the Liver Buildings once, and now you love them, it justifies them to say, see we are doing you a favour by giving you a carbuncle that you will all love in the future.
No, it doesn’t work like that, it is a carbuncle, part of the whole Pier Head Mann Island Development
(You know, NML wont let the Mann Island developers use a picture of the new museum on their sales brochures, or any advertising so they cant be associated with the three black coffins). The whole funding package by the NWDA is for the whole Pier Head development including the Cut that now breaks the Pier Head Vista in two, is all written on this blog.
It is a real shame that the BBC have been taken in by this, Roger Philips, friend Phil Redmond the Chairman of NML who told me, while I was talking to Tristram Hunt and I quote, “None of this should have been built here” will be very proud of them for helping muck spread lies about the symbol of Liverpool.

This rubbish has to stop.
Just remember what they have done to the WHS next time the BBC are talking down to you.

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    Today 8.8.11
    The Royal Liver Insurance, who built it, is to move out of he thee conrovesy for you.