Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Auction Party-Showing Liverpool Town Hall In All its Grandeur

As well as fighting Heritage Battles, I am also an art dealer and was recently asked to film a episode of Auction Party with Lawrence Llewellyn-Bowen at Liverpool Town Hall.
I wasn't too sure but they said the fee was £150, and that convinced me so off I toddled on a cold winter night the whole 100 yds stretch from my shop.
It was great fun the programme is all about raising money for charity and I struck up a relationship with St Johns Hospice afterwards and sell some of their donated objects for them.

 click on the link to see the programme or go to your catch up.
 Liverpool Town Hall should look great and although I have not watched it myself yet have been informed that it does the city proud
Picture Courtesy of Liverpool Daily Post and Echo.


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Without any prompting Lawrence who walked the walk, talked the talk about Liverpool great architectural past and how we are paying too much attention to its new stuff.

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