Thursday, 28 July 2011

Liverpool Daily Ghost-Reflecting Local News and Views.

This is  Mondays Daily Post page 27. The Daily Ghost has been full of the news that a new museum has opened at the Liverpool Pier Head and they reflected the views of, well themselves really.
So here is a half page declaration by Oldham Hall Street that they are reflecting local views and news............then they add a picture of Liverpool views that is 10 years clever. click on the pics for a closer look.
 Dated Monday July 25th the add next to it says.
One day the person who delivered this newspaper may need our help.
They certainly do need help at Oldham Hall Street, so I just thought I would put them right with a picture of the same view as it now looks like, that the Local papers said would be brilliant for Liverpool because it would be Iconic.  
The advertorial is genuinely for NewstrAid the helping hand of the news trade, it says.
Can I make a few suggestions as to who needs a bit of help, the idiot who edited this.

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