Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Art and Architecture-Its All Subjective. Liverpool Needs Unesco Help.

Can you spot a Carbuncle? Can Unesco? A Reactive Monitering Mission is currently being planned by Unesco through an invitation from the DCMS. This will review the situation regarding Liverpool and its lack of respect for its World Heritage Site. Remember it is not Liverpool City Council's job to protect the WHS, as they appear to be in bed with Peel Holdings, it is the UK Government as State Party. We are signed up to a WH Charter and to protect the WHS Unesco told the UK State Party that Liverpool needs to draw up provisions for protection of its key asset the WHS. http://liverpool.gov.uk/council/strategies-plans-and-policies/environment-and-planning/local-development-framework/local-development-documents/adopted-documents/world-heritage-site-spd/  Click the link to expand on the Supplementary Planning Document that we as a city adopted to secure the WH status, after the threats of removal. Unesco have said Peel Holdings Liverpool Waters planning application, if to be passed would destroy the Overall Universal Value of that World Heritage Site.

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